Harnessing electrical power is one of the most important achievements in the history of humanity. Its applications throughout industry are too numerous to list, but understanding the components used to perform these applications in specific fields is vital for anyone looking for careers in those industries.

DAC Worldwide's Electrical & Electronics training products help learners answer important questions, such as:

  • How is an electrical circuit wired?

  • What does a circuit breaker do?

  • How do you program a PLC?

DAC Worldwide has the Electrical & Electronics teaching aids necessary to build up competencies of future and current workforce members. The available Electrical & Electronics training aids are an integral part of many DAC Worldwide programs, such as Advanced Manufacturing, Chemical Manufacturing, Marine, Military, Oil & Gas, and Power Generation.

Electrical & Electronics Products

DAC Worldwide's electrical & electronics training systems offer a variety of hands-on training solutions. Whether you need to teach basic electrical skills, transformer wiring, frequency drives, or motor wiring, we have what you need.

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piloting switch motor control

DAC Worldwide's electrical & electronics dissectibles offer the perfect solution when you wish to see the interior of a component. These dissectibles showcase the inner workings of common industrial components.

Dissectible Pressure Switch

DAC Worldwide's electrical & electronics sample boards are perfect for component identification & selection. Sample boards help reinforce training and serve as a quick reference tool.

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Fuse Sample Board | 816-PAC | Power Generation | Process/Chemical Manufacturing