DAC Worldwide works closely with a variety of industry sectors to develop training solutions that are task-based to establish skill sets that are relevant in today's modern manufacturing environment. With a flexible and extensive range of  products, we can adapt to your needs and budget.

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Industry Sectors

Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced manufacturing companies use the newest technologies to be competitive in a global market. These system require skilled workers to keep them running efficiently. DAC Worldwide's training solutions can help develop individuals with the right skill sets for these rewarding careers.


The military industry includes production and maintenance operations to support their facilities and equipment. This requires skilled workers just like their civilian company counterparts. DAC Worldwide's solutions are the perfect choice to support the military's training efforts.

Process / Chemical Manufacturing

Process/chemical manufacturing utilizes a large range of technologies as it transforms raw materials into useful products. This rewarding career path requires specialized skills to be successful. DAC Worldwide has solutions to train incoming workers with the proper skills or help existing workers gain new ones.

Oil & Gas

The oil & gas industry shares technologies with many other types of companies.  However, they utilize some of these technologies in ways that are unique. This requires specialized training solutions and DAC Worldwide is here to help with training systems, cutaways, & models geared towards the Oil & Gas Industry.


The marine industry faces unique challenges as the global market demands more from it. Modern technology used throughout the industry requires highly skilled workers for operation as well as maintenance. DAC Worldwide has many solutions to support training in this rewarding field.

Power Generation

Power generation is a critical need and maintaining these systems require a highly skilled workforce. Power is generated from various sources including oil, gas, nuclear, and renewable energy sources. Maintaining a pipeline of skilled employees entering this field is essential and DAC Worldwide has training solutions to help.