Extended PLC Trainer

Model: 464E

DAC Worldwide’s Extended PLC Trainer (464E) is a multi-use training platform allowing for instruction related to the programming and use of industrial PLCs. This system does not include a PLC. It is a platform that allows the user to wire to a variety of their suppled PLCs to meet local training needs and available hardware.

The extended PLC trainer device allows for convenient connection to PLC Application Modules, PLC Application Panels, Process Control Trainers, Motor and Motor Control Products and other automation-related training products. A variety of optional PLC hardware packages can be provided.

Practice Hands-On Electrical Skills for Various Applications

This Extended PLC Trainer utilizes a 16-gauge steel mounting frame paired with a welded aluminum base, providing durability to stand up to frequent use, and to aide learners in becoming better prepared for the tasks they will encounter on the job. It also includes provisions for mounting a PLC of your choice using either mounting brackets, and/or a DIN rail.

This system possesses a combination of lights, switches, and external I/O connections allows the student to develop and test ladder logic programs and connect to external devices, regardless of PLC used. Sufficient I/O connections are provided to allow for use with many AC, DC, and Analog applications. Specifically, the trainer utilizes a circuit breaker with lock-out/tag-out provisions, a pilot light, safety switch, and instructor key switch. The Extended PLC trainer also includes eight (8) DC lighted input switches -- including normally open, normally closed, momentary, and latching varieties -- eight (8) DC output lights, one (1) AC lighted input switch, one (1) AC output light, and provisions for connecting to external applications. Learners will use these components to study topics, such as PLC internal operations, introducing SLC 500 programming, testing station applications, and much more.

Hands-On Exercises and Learning Activities Lead to Realistic Results

DAC Worldwide’s Extended PLC Trainer also features exercises and learning activities that focus more on results and less on secondary academic background information. The integrated course also features multiple activities, all of which include background information on the topic, hands-on experiments, and related review questions.

Application Panels for Expanded Learning Opportunity

Traffic Light PLC Application Panel (464-100)

This expansion panel includes LED traffic lights and miniature push button activation switches. This panel requires a PLC Breakout Panel (461-001), electrical (115V/60Hz/1ph electrical), and a Bench Top Panel Rack (945).

Electro-Pneumatic PLC Application Panel (464-200)

This panel includes two double-acting pneumatic cylinders, a pneumatic actuator, and limit switches. This system requires electrical (115V/60Hz/1ph) and a Bench Top Panel Rack (945).

Electro-Mechanical PLC Application Panel (464-300)

This panel includes a rotary solenoid actuator, linear acting solenoid, and limit switches. This panel requires electrical (115V/60Hz/1ph) and a Bench Top Panel Rack (945).

Analog Temperature Control PLC Application Panel (464-400)

This panel includes a heater, temperature transmitter, thermocouple probe, thermometer, and digital panel meter. This panel requires a customer-supplied PLC (1 DO, 2 AI, 2 AO), Analog Expansion Card (461-002), electrical (115V/60Hz/1ph), and a Bench Top Panel Rack (945).

BCD/Thumbwheel PLC Application Panel (464-450)

This panel includes an LED Display and a BCD Thumbwheel Display. This panel requires a customer-supplied PLC (16 DI, 16 DO), electrical (115V/60Hz/1ph), and a Bench Top Panel Rack (945).

Elevator PLC Application Panel (464-600)

This panel includes a simulation of 3-floor elevator. This panel requires electrical (115V/60Hz/1ph), a PLC Breakout Panel (461-001), and a Bench Top Panel Rack (945).

Pilot Devices PLC Application Panel (464-700)

This panel includes a toggle switch, a push button switch, a latching push button switch, a rotary switch, a limit switch, and eight indicator lights. This system requires electrical (115V/60Hz/1ph) and a Bench Top Panel Rack (945).

Industrial Sensors PLC Application Panel (464-800)

This panel includes a LH limit switch, a light beam, a light beam with reflective switch, a capacity proximity switch, an inductive proximity switch, and an RH limit switch. This system requires electrical (115V/60Hz/1ph) and a Bench Top Panel Rack (945).

  • Steel mounting frame, 16-gauge
  • Provision for mounting PLC of choice via mounting brackets and/or DIN rail
  • Welded tubular aluminum base assembly with rubber feet
  • Steel electrical enclosure, 16-gauge
  • Silk-screened 19" rack-mount panel face with safety interlock
  • All steel and aluminum components powder coated for durability
  • Circuit breaker with provision for lock-out/tag-out
  • Pilot light and safety switch
  • Instructor key switch (rear of enclosure)
  • Internal, supplemental 24VDC power supply
  • Eight (8) DC, lighted, input switches, including normally open, normally closed, momentary and latching varieties
  • Eight (8) DC output lights
  • One (1) AC, lighted, input switch
  • One (1) AC output light
  • Provision for connection to external applications via banana jacks including: - 16 DC inputs. - 16 DC outputs. - Four (4) AC inputs. - Four (4) AC outputs. - Four (4) analog inputs. - Four (4) analog outputs. - Connections for 24VDC and 110VAC power
  • Tagged, 16-lead, cables for connection to user-supplied or optional PLC hardware
  • Wiring diagram for use with an Allen-Bradley, SLC-500
  • Provision for mounting on related bench and workstation products
  • Allows for connection to training products relating to process control, motors/motor control, sensors, PLC applications and fluid power
  • Crating for shipment via motor freight
  • Circuit Breaker
  • Pilot Light with Safety Switch
  • Instructor Key Switch
  • Power Supply
  • Eight (8) DC Input Switches
  • Eight (8) DC Output Lights
  • One (1) AC Input Switch
  • One (1) AC Output Light
  • #464-5000 - Basic PLC Use/Exercise Guide

The courseware, useful in both a instructor-led and or a self-directed format, includes one of several optional textbooks, a course guide and hands-on exercises.

Exercises include:

PLC Basic Information

  • Introduction to PLC
  • PLC Internal Operations
  • Series and Parallel Circuits
  • Numbering Systems
  • Boolean Algebra
  • Ladder Logic

SLC 500 Basic Information

  • SLC 500 Trainer Familiarization
  • Introduction to SLC 500 Programming
  • External Input and Output Elements
  • Internal Bits
  • AND, OR and NOT Gates
  • Latching Instructions
  • Timers
  • Counters
  • Cascading Timers
  • Move and Convert Instructions
  • EQU, NEQ, LES, and GRT Instructions
  • LEQ and GEQ Instructions

SLC 500 Basic Applications

  • Coolant System Application
  • Conveyor Application
  • Batch Processing Application
  • Test Station Application

SLC 500 Advance Instructions

  • Arithmetic Instructions
  • JMP, LBL and MCR Instructions
  • Jump to Sub-routine Instructions
  • Bit Shift and File Copy Instructions
  • Sequencer instructions

SLC 500 Advanced Applications

  • Palletizer Application
  • Candy Bar Production Line App.
  • Automated Paint Booth App.
  • Pick and Place Robot App.


  • Programming Instructions Interfacing with External Devices

DISCLAIMER: Product Dimensions are approximate. Shipping Dimensions and Weights are for directional use only and may change based on manufacturer variables. For the most accurate Shipping Dimensions and Weights, please contact the manufacturer.

  • Product Dimensions
    (L x W x H)
    14" x 20" x 23" (350 x 500 x 580 mm)
    42 lbs. (19 kg)
  • Shipping Dimensions
    70 lbs. (32 kg)
  • 100-240V/50-60Hz/1ph