Three-Phase Transformer Cutaway

Model: 273-915

DAC Worldwide’s Three-Phase Transformer Cutaway (273-915) is a detailed and professionally-crafted three-phase transformer cutaway that depicts a common coaxially-wound, three-phase, delta-wye wired transformer. This common piece of electrical hardware is found in manufacturing facilities, petro-chemical plants, refineries, and other similar industrial and commercial applications.

The cutaway includes a formed-steel mounting baseplate, allowing for stand-alone display, bench-top mounting, or mounting on specialized DAC Worldwide mounting benches and support structures.

Through careful sectioning, the complete internal configuration of the transformer can be seen. Details shown include laminated steel core, primary and secondary windings, and primary insulation.

Important Product Note: Photographs are representative and for reference only. Product appearance and dimensions may vary based upon component manufacturer and availability. Any product dimensions given, such as size and weight, are approximate and for directional use only. For the most accurate shipping dimensions and weights, please contact the manufacturer.

  • Sectioning of an actual industrial component (common transformer brands and model numbers are chosen for industrial relevance).
  • Nameplate and associated wiring diagram retained for review purposes.
  • Removal of a 45° section of the coil and core of a single phase.
  • 13-gauge, formed-steel, powder coated mounting baseplate.
  • Provision for mounting on related DAC Worldwide bench, workstation, and storage products.
  • Instructor resource and student worksheet.
  • Packaging for shipment via parcel service or motor freight.

DISCLAIMER: Product Dimensions are approximate. Shipping Dimensions and Weights are for directional use only and may change based on manufacturer variables. For the most accurate Shipping Dimensions and Weights, please contact the manufacturer.

  • Product Dimensions
    (L x W x H)
    9in x 9in x 10in (230 x 230 x 250 mm)
  • Shipping Dimensions
    (L x W x H)
    12in x 12in x 12in (304 x 304 x 304 mm)
  • #560-000 - Electrical Trades Training Manual (IPT)
  • #560-001 - Electrical Trades Handbook (IPT)
  • #902V - Mobile Display Stand