DAC Worldwide was founded in 1980 as a full-service model-making company serving engineers, industrial designers, and marketing professionals through the design and fabrication of technical models and mock-ups. Projects undertaken most often related to the design of chemical plants, refineries, power plants, nuclear plants and large industrial equipment. Our staff included, and still includes, process piping, mechanical and electrical designers. Rather than being simply a pretty picture, our models were an integral part of the engineering and design process.

In 1982, we began to apply our knowledge and skills to the fabrication of training-related models and mock-ups, addressing the growing training needs of the nuclear industry. This activity blossomed, resulting in projects for virtually every nuclear utility in the country. Along the way, in our interactions with our customers, we were often asked; "Do you have anything of coupling alignment?" or, "Do you have anything on process control?" Ultimately, we realized the point ... our customers needed realistic, industrial-grade, generic training devices addressing maintenance fundamentals. Further, we found that few products existed that matched their needs.

Our product line's development started in 1988, with our original Kingsbury Bearing Model. Still offered today, it has, to some degree, become a historical footnote within a product line addressing a broad range of more fundamental and comprehensive topics. In spite of all of these changes, many things about our company have remained the same; our commitment to high levels of craftsmanship, our interest and knowledge in industrial equipment and systems, and our interest in solving our customer's needs on a one-on-one basis.

The design assistance we provide today in training program design and implementation has a logical, practical foundation in industrial experience ... experience that can help you get results from your training dollar in the most efficient way possible ... through actually experiencing common maintenance tasks. Learn more about DAC Worldwide by exploring our vast product line or contact us!


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