Transformer Connections Training System

Model: 491-000

DAC Worldwide’s Transformer Connections Training System (491-000) replicates the conditions and circumstances that a utility worker encounters when making common transformer connections in the field. Using this trainer, learners will explore the skills that an operator must master in order to confidently operate modern generating equipment, such as the paralleling of generators and connecting to a larger power grid.

Practice Hands-On Electrical Skills for Various Applications

A wide variety of activities can be performed at reduced voltages for safety (A 208 VAC, 3-phase source is stepped down, creating a 41 VAC, 3-phase system). Both three-phase and single-phase applications are provided. Using banana jacks, ground connections, primary connections, and secondary connections are easily made.

Standard accessories include patch cords, fourteen (14) transformers, a panel-mounted voltmeter and phase rotation meter, and a Student Training Manual. It also requires a 208 VAC, 3-phase, 60 Hz, 4-wire connection.

The training aid provides a safe, inexpensive, efficient, yet realistic alternative to paper-based learning and full-voltage field experience.

Student Training Manual Enhances Learning Process

A copy of this course’s Student Training Manual is included with the training system. Sourced from the Exercises and Learning Activities, the Student Training Manual takes the technical content contained in the learning objectives, and combines it into one perfectly-bound book. If you would like to inquire about purchasing additional Student Training Manuals for your program, please contact your local DAC Worldwide Representative for more information.

  • Welded steel cabinet
  • Modular design, allowing for both single-phase and three-phase activities
  • Banana jack connections used throughout
  • Low-voltage operation using 5:1 dry transformers
  • Internally fused

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  • 33-in. L x 29-in. W x 38-in. H (830 x 730 x 960 mm)
  • 125lbs. (57kg)

208V/60Hz/3ph, 4-wire

Includes Patch Cord Set, (14) Transformers, Voltmeter, Phase Rotation Meter, #491-500 Use/Exercise Guide