Mechanical Drives teach the fundamentals of mechanical transmission systems, allowing for the practice of industry-relevant skills including how to operate, install, troubleshoot, and maintain basic mechanical systems. The range of training not only includes the standard mechanical drives curriculum, but also looks into a variety of products related to mechanical maintenance in the process industries, which includes pumps, actuators, valves, flanges, and more. Additionally, applications of these systems are used in countless industries, including agricultural, automotive, power generation, and more.

DAC Worldwide’s Mechanical Drives training features over 200 self-contained hands-on training system, cutaways, and technical scale models, which not only enhances training programs, but also gives learners a first-hand look and feel of real industrial equipment that they might encounter on-the-job. Some possible careers using mechanical drive skills learned during training include maintenance technicians, machine operators, and many more!

Mechanical Drives Products

DAC Worldwide's mechanical drives training systems offer a variety of hands-on training solutions or provide an ideal skill assessment tool. These systems provide hands-on skills for gears, bearings, vibration analysis, alignments, and more.

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DAC Worldwide Belt Drive Training System | 201 | Right

DAC Worldwide's mechanical drives models are great for training and for display.  Our Kingsbury bearing models is the perfect additional to a training course to discuss the operation of hydrodynamic thrust bearings.

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Kingsbury Bearing Model | 209 | Process/Chemical Manufacturing

DAC Worldwide's mechanical drives sample boards are perfect for component identification & selection. Sample boards help reinforce training and serve as a quick reference tool.

Bearing Sample Board | 835-PAC | Oil & Gas | Power Generation