DAC Worldwide’s Machining and Measurement program covers two industry fundamentals by using a variety of kits. These precision measurement training kits offer an extensive range of basic precision measurement skills using precision rules, dial calipers, micrometers, and other common precision measurement tools. These quality assurance training devices support multiple common maintenance and repair activities.

Machining is a fundamental industrial discipline. It uses a variety of specialized tools such as lathes, milling machines, and drill presses to cut a piece of material into a specific shapes or sizes. DAC Worldwide's hands-on Machining training kits help learners to understand the basics of this discipline. Learners will practice real-world machining skill like geometric layout, inferred dimensioning, tapping & threading, and various drilling operations used by machinists, repair personnel, and maintenance technicians. Contact us today for more information on our machining and measurement training products!

Machining & Measurement Products

DAC Worldwide's machining and measurement sample boards are perfect for training and quick reference. Including items such as the 825-PAC Weld Fault Comparison Sample Board, these training aids are great additions to a training program.

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