3-Phase, Squirrel Cage Rotor, AC Motor Training System

Model: 412-000

DAC Worldwide’s Three-Phase, Squirrel Cage Rotor, AC Motor Training System (412-000) provides a starting point for understanding a common, widely-used industrial induction motor. These self-starting, 56 frame, simply constructed motors are used in applications like generators or where low starting torque is required.

3-Phase Squirrel Cage Induction Motor Contains Real-World Components

The main feature of a squirrel cage induction motor is the squirrel cage rotor, which is a rotating steel cylinder within the motor that is embedded with copper or aluminum conductors. When rotating and connected to an alternating current, it produces a magnetic field, which when interacting with the stator creates torque on the rotor.

Get Hands-On Squirrel Cage Motor Maintenance Experience

Learners can use this hands-on squirrel cage induction motor training device to practice motor wiring by using banana jack receptacles on the control enclosure’s front panel face, study the motor’s construction, practice industrial motor maintenance skills by using fault insertion switches for hands-on troubleshooting training, and LOTO training due to the system’s master circuit breaker with lock-out/tag-out capability. This system also offers an optional motor loading module that attaches using a flexible coupling for more realistic industrial motor training.

This heavy-duty industrial motor training system includes a welded aluminum mounting baseplate, aluminum control box support structure, and steel control enclosure. It also includes a voltmeter and ammeter for practicing motor measurement skills.

  • Welded aluminum baseplate
  • Provision for bench-top mounting
  • Motors mounted on T-slotted rails which accommodate 184T and 56 frame motors (56 frame standard)
  • Master circuit breaker with lock-out / tag-out capability
  • Silkscreened panel face with identification of line and motor lead numbers
  • Color-coded banana-jack patch cord receptacles
  • Voltmeter and ammeter
  • Permanent internal grounding of all elements
  • Enclosure cover safety interlock switch
  • Four instructor fault insertion switches (on rear of control enclosure)
  • Large emergency stop switch
  • Keyed instructor power switch (on rear of control enclosure).
  • Large pilot light

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  • 19-in. L x 19-in. W x 25-in. H (480 x 480 x 640 mm)
  • 50lbs. (23kg)
  • #410-001/E - Portable Digital Multimeter
  • #410-002 - Non-Contact Tachometer Kit
  • #410-100 - Prony Brake Assembly
  • Optional Use with #210 Electromechanical Trainer Package
  • Motor
  • Circuit Breaker
  • Voltmeter
  • Ammeter
  • Safety Interlock Switch
  • Four (4) Instructor Fault Insertion Switches
  • E-Stop
  • Large Pilot Light
  • Keyed Instructor Power Switch
  • #410-500 - Use/Exercise Guide