Kingsbury Thrust Bearing Model

Model: 209

DAC Worldwide's Kingsbury Thrust Bearing Model (209) is a plastic facsimile of a Kingsbury fluid film thrust bearing that allows for classroom instruction in the design, maintenance, and application of fluid film bearings used in industry. These bearings are used to transmit or absorb significant thrust in mechanical drive applications. Metallic shoes within the bearing tilt to form wedges between the shaft collar and bearing housing. This type of bearing is ideal for applications that require submersion because the bearing uses the water to form wedges between the shoes and collar. Advantages of Kingsbury thrust bearings include: "excellent shock absorbing capacity, superior damping characteristics, life span equal to that of the machine, versatility in application, and performance monitoring capability."


  • Clear acrylic, horizontally-split housing.
  • Cast urethane parts, using molds created from actual equipment.
  • Aluminum shaft with clear acrylic thrust disk.
  • Fully-detailed bearing with retaining screws, tilting shoes, leveling plates, base rings, and anti-rotational keys.
  • Color-coding of component groups.
  • 6-in. L x 6-in. W x 8-in. H (150 x 150 x 200 mm)
  • 5 lbs. (2kg)

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