Fluid Coupling Cutaway

Model: 200-2082

DAC Worldwide’s Fluid Coupling Cutaway (200-2082) is an actual industrial fluid coupling that has been cut away to unveil its primary internal components and to show how it operates. The fluid coupling– also called a hydraulic coupling – is a valuable mechanical drives component used to transmit rotating mechanical power. This component features a shell that houses hydraulic fluid and two turbines, one connected to the impeller and the other to the runner. Advantages of using fluid couplings include that the generated power transmission is smooth and free from vibration and noises. Fluid couplings can be used in vertical and horizontal tasks and are commonly found in automotive, marine, railway, and aviation applications.

This fluid coupling training device has retained all functional features and fasteners so it can be disassembled for mechanic drives maintenance training.

  • 13-Gauge, formed-steel, powder-coated baseplate and support brackets with provision for bench-top, workstation and storage rack mounting.
  • The primary housing (shell) is cutaway allowing for view of the input and output stage tori

11-in. L x 10-in. W x 12.5-in. H (279 x 254 x 317mm)


No Additional Requirements

  • Recommended #902V - Mobile Display Stand