Valve Packing Training System

Model: 250-000

DAC Worldwide’s Valve Packing Training System (250-000) is a detailed replica of a six-inch gate valve, equipped with a backseat, which facilitates in the proper removal and installation of packing. The training system features a patterned Anchor/Darling pressure seal gate valve with backseat, a clear acrylic bonnet, an aluminum simulated valve body and yoke assembly, and more.

Using this training system, learners will explore how valve packing is used for training in various sectors, including the design, application, control, and maintenance of common gate valves. The training system covers industry-relevant skills, such as operating, maintaining, and troubleshooting industrial gate valves in a variety of applications.

This Valve Packing Training System includes a variety of industrial components, including an aluminum working stem machined to 32 RMS, lantern ring bleed-off connections, an aluminum gland and follower, and much more. Learners will use these electrical components to study topics such as performing valve component inspections, packing a vale with compression packing and lantern rings, repacking a valve with a die-formed packing set, retrofitting a valve, and much more. This system utilizes industry-grade components, providing durability to stand up to frequent use, and to aide learners in becoming better prepared for the tasks they will encounter on the job.

Practice Hands-On Pump & Compressor Skills for Various Applications

The Valve Packing Training System features a 7-gauge, steel baseplate with provisions for tabletop mounting. A clear acrylic stuffing box allows total visibility of the packing area, both during maintenance activities and after compression. The natural magnification created by the acrylic housing clearly shows consolidation and packing pressure against the cavity wall. Water and coloring can be introduced to see migration due to insufficient gland load, improper installation techniques and stem/cavity imperfections. This process allows for convenient demonstration of live-loaded packing and the use of die-formed graphite packing, as well as conventional packing materials.

The training system highlights a gate valve, which was patterned after a six-inch, 600-pound Anchor/Darling pressure seal gate valve. The training system also features a plethora of standard accessories, including: an inspection mirror, a standard set of PTFE type braided packing, two (2) 10-inch packing pullers, two (2) 10-inch lantern ring pullers, a 6-inch pocket depth scale, and much more. Through a variety of realistic features, this device allows for realistic training in good maintenance practice prior to performing work in the field, without jeopardizing actual equipment.

Expand Training with Additional Pumps & Compressor Options

The Valving Packing Training System is only one of DAC Worldwide’s expansive trainers, which also includes a Heat Exchanger Maintenance Training System (238-000), a Boiler Tube Trainer (240-000) and many more!

  • Patterned after a 6", 600 lb. Anchor/Darling pressure seal gate valve with backseat
  • Clear acrylic "bonnet" with 2.250" dia. x 5.125" deep packing chamber
  • Aluminum simulated valve body and yoke assembly
  • 1.5" diameter aluminum working stem machined to 32 RMS with 2" travel
  • 3/4" "NH" (hose) drain, and lantern ring bleed-off connections
  • 7-Gauge formed-steel baseplate, with provision for table-top mounting
  • Aluminum gland and follower
  • Nylon backseat
  • Aluminum lantern ring
  • #250-500 - Use/Exercise Guide
  • Crating for shipment via motor freight
  • Product Dimensions
    (L x W x H)
    13.5in. x 13.5in. x 36in. (340 x 340 x 910 mm)
    31lbs. (14kg)
  • Shipping Dimensions
    (L x W x H)
    15in. x 22in. x 30in. (380 x 560 x 760 mm)
    60lbs. (28kg)

DISCLAIMER: Product Dimensions are approximate. Shipping Dimensions and Weights are for directional use only and may change based on manufacturer variables. For the most accurate Shipping Dimensions and Weights, please contact the manufacturer.

  • #250-001 - Additional standard, braided, pre-cut packing set
  • #250-002 - Bulk braided packing (12 ft. spool)
  • #250-010 - One-piece gland (aluminum)
  • #250-011 - Standard split spacer for standard packing
  • Inspection mirror
  • Standard set of PTFE type, 3/8in., braided, non-asbestos packing
  • Two (2) 10in. long packing pullers
  • Two (2) 10in. long lantern ring pullers
  • 6in. pocket depth scale
  • Twenty (20) tablets non-toxic coloring
  • Two (2) standard Garlock gaskets
  • 1.5in. diameter x 12in. long PVC cutting mandrel for packing ring fabrication
  • Crocus cloth
  • Packing pusher/driver
  • Six (6) pairs of plastic disposable gloves
  • Plastic tool box
  • Packaging for shipment via UPS or motor freight