Heat Exchanger Maintenance Training System

Model: 238-000

Heat exchangers are industrial devices used to transfer heat between two or more fluids as part of cooling and/or heating processes. Knowing how to operate, maintain, troubleshoot, and repair heat exchangers is an important skill for industrial maintenance technicians, since these devices are widely used throughout industry, particularly in HVAC, energy, chemical, and oil and gas.

DAC Worldwide’s Heat Exchanger Maintenance Training System (238-000) consists of a full-size shell and tube industrial heat exchanger. This flanged, fixed tube, bundle-type heat exchanger represents one of the most common types of heat exchangers learners will encounter on the job.

Industry-Standard Components Provide Realistic, Hands-On Training

Technical training is most effective when learners can gain hands-on practice with industry-standard components they’ll encounter on the job. The Heat Exchanger Maintenance Training System features industrial-quality components to provide learners with a realistic training experience that will build skills that translate easily to the workplace.

The Heat Exchanger Maintenance Training System consists of an actual heat exchanger manufactured according to ASME code and TEMA standards. Industrial-quality components featured on the trainer include: carbon steel shell; copper tubes; brass tube sheet; and carbon steel cross-baffles. The trainer also includes a rolling cart with heavy-duty, locking casters for ease of transport around the classroom or between facilities.

The unit comes with several gaskets for training purposes, such as performing any routine maintenance task one might need to perform on a heat exchanger. This includes performing emergency repairs to or replacing leaking tubes.

Expand Training Capabilities with Custom Options

The Heat Exchanger Maintenance Training System can be customized to match a particular industry’s or user’s specific needs. In industry, one size rarely fits all and this trainer can be tailor-made to your exact needs.

For example, training options can be expanded with the addition of one or more of the following options: dye penetrant kit; rolling machine; pneumatic hammer with accessories; heavy-duty disk/angle grinder; and heavy-duty end grinder with wheel.

  • Industrial shell and tube heat exchanger, flanged, fixed tubesheet type.
  • TEMA, Type BEW.
  • Manufactured according to ASME code.
  • Carbon steel shell, 12" nominal diameter.
  • 36" Long tube bundle, 1-pass.
  • 104 Copper tubes, 3/4" diameter.
  • Brass tube sheet.
  • Carbon steel cross-baffles.
  • 2" Flanged tube-side connection.
  • 2" Half-coupling, shell-side connections.
  • 3/4" Half-coupling vents and drains.
  • Steel, elliptical, flanged heads incorporating (16) 7/8 stud and bolt sets.
  • Cleaned structural steel and tube support stand.
  • Rolling cart with heavy-duty, locking casters.
  • High-durability, painted exterior surfaces, allowing for repeated use and rough handling.
  • Maintenance manual.
  • #520-000 IPT Metal Trades Training Manual.
  • Two spare gasket sets, 2-piece.
  • Palletized for shipment via common carrier.

DISCLAIMER: Product Dimensions are approximate. Shipping Dimensions and Weights are for directional use only and may change based on manufacturer variables. For the most accurate Shipping Dimensions and Weights, please contact the manufacturer.

  • Product Dimensions
    (L x W x H)
    27in x 51in x 42in (685 x 1295 x 1066 mm)
    625 lbs. (283 kg) approx.
  • Shipping Dimensions
    (L x W x H)
    28.25in x 55.25in x 50.5in (718 x 1403 x 1283 mm)
    740lbs. (336 kg) approx.
  • #240-010 - "Rolling machine" (heavy-duty drill with morse taper)
  • #240-016 - Pneumatic hammer
  • #240-017 - Pneumatic hammer accessories, including "Side Cutter, "Pushing Tool", and "Beading Tool"
  • #240-018 - Heavy-duty disk/angle grinder
  • #240-019 - Replacement disks for angle grinder (package of 6)
  • #520-001 - IPT Metal Trades Handbook