Turbine Flow Meter Cutaway

Model: 273-725

DAC Worldwide's Turbine Flow Meter Cutaway (273-725) depicts a classic in-line, rotor-type meter supporting flow measurement. This widely-used device is commonly found in manufacturing facilities, petro-chemical plants, refineries, and within water/wastewater applications.

Turbine flow meters use the mechanical energy of a liquid to rotate a rotor in the flow stream. The rotational speed of the rotor is directly proportional to the velocity of the fluid travelling through the meter. These flow meters are used in multiple industries to reliably measure the velocity of a variety of liquids, gases, and vapors.

The assembly includes a complete meter and representative inlet and outlet piping. Through careful sectioning, the complete internal configuration of the device can be seen while also allowing for disassembly for more compete inspection. A formed-steel baseplate and support brackets position the device for optimum viewing.

The cutaway comes mounted on a 14-gauge, formed-steel, powder-coated mounting stand with component attachment brackets. It can also be mounted on related DAC Worldwide bench, workstation, display, and storage products.

  • Sectioning of actual industrial steel process components
  • Cleaning and painting using a high- durability finish
  • 14-Gauge, formed-steel, powder coated, mounting stand with component attachment brackets
  • Provision for mounting on related bench, workstation, display, and storage products
  • 9-in. L x 9-in. W x 10-in. H (230 x 230 x 250 mm)
  • Recommended #902V - Mobile Display Stand