Shaft Alignment Tool Kit

Model: 208-001

DAC Worldwide's Shaft Alignment Tool Kit (208-001) is a versatile, comprehensive tool kit that expands the teaching capabilities of several DACW products to include hands-on skills for precision coupling or shaft alignment using a wide variety of methods.

DACW's Shaft Alignment Kit includes:

  • CNC-machined, aluminum shaft clamps
  • Precision dial test indicators
  • Assortment of related support rods and clamps. This mechanical drive shaft alignment training kit allows for assembly in a wide range of configurations.

Clamping components can easily be arranged to allow for both “rim and face” or “reverse dial” alignment on shafts from 0.5-in. diameter to 3.25-in. diameter. Multiple radial and longitudinal support rods are provided accommodating long-span and large-diameter applications.

The clamp set is packaged with associated tools commonly used when performing a precision alignment.

This mechanical drives shaft alignment kit can be used with DACW's 3-Component Coupling Shaft Alignment Training System (206-000), Vertical Coupling/Shaft Alignment Training System (207-000), and Coupling/Shaft Alignment Training System (208-000).

  • Economical and easy to use
  • Includes all components necessary for use with both the “rim and face” and “reverse dial” (“double dial”) alignment methods
  • Adapts to shafts from 0.5-in. diameter to 3.25-in. diameter
  • Two, CNC-machined, anodized-aluminum, shaft bracket sets, allowing for many configurations (dial indicator support rods can be attached in the longitudinal and radial orientation)
  • Two sets of clamp attachment studs of two lengths, with knurled thumb nuts
  • Four, 5/16-in. diameter, stainless steel, dial indicator support bars of two lengths
  • Four, 5/16-in. diameter, stainless steel, dial indicator attachment bars of two lengths
  • Four, swivel clamps of two sizes
  • Two, Starrett universal dial test indicators, back plunger-type
  • One, Starrett hole attachment accessory (for face reading with minimal coupling clearance)
  • One, Starrett machinist rule, 6-in.
  • One, Starrett machinist rule, 3-in.
  • Feeler gauge set, .001-in. -.015-in.
  • Tape measure, 8-in.
  • Inspection mirror, 2.25-in. diameter
  • Open end wrench
  • ABS, foam-lined, carrying case
  • Packaging for shipment via parcel service
  • 15-in. L x 20-in. W x 9-in. H (380 x 500 x 225 mm)
  • 12lbs. (5.5kg)