Sanitary Diaphragm Valve Cutaway, Stainless

Model: 273-410SS

DAC Worldwide’s Sanitary Diaphragm Valve Cutaway, Stainless (273-410SS) is a specialized, sectioned valve and actuator assembly that unveils the complete working mechanism of a representative diaphragm-actuated, stainless steel control valve used in sanitary service.

Diaphragm-actuated control valves (CVs) are regularly used in process systems of all kinds as a final control element. Valves used in sanitary service require special manufacturing details in order to be used within process systems containing high-purity fluids.

Depicting a classic spring-return actuator and globe valve arrangement, this professionally-crafted teaching aid allows for convenient classroom training in the operation, construction, and maintenance of diaphragm-actuated control valves.

Through carefully-planned sectioning the complete internal configuration of the valve and actuator is exposed and showcased. Seal features, hardware locations, and mechanical features have been retained, allowing for “hands-on” training in maintenance.

  • Sectioning of actual hardware (common sanitary-flanged, stainless, ½ “-1" NPS pipe size varieties of valve and actuator makes and models are chosen for industrial relevancy).
  • Cleaning, priming, and painting of exterior surfaces using a high-durability, urethane coating if required.
  • Tri-clover-type pipe and clamp support assembly.
  • Replacement stainless or plated hardware as required.
  • All gaskets, seals, and seats shown.
  • 13-gauge, formed-steel, powder-coated support assembly.
  • Provision for mounting on related DAC Worldwide bench, workstation, display, and storage products.
  • Manufacturer’s installation, operation, and maintenance manual provided.
  • Crating for shipment via freight.
  • Product Dimensions
    (L x W x H)
    8.5in. x12.25in. x 15.5in. (220 x 310 x395 mm)
  • Shipping Dimensions
    (L x W x H)
    15.25in. x 28in. x 23.5in. (390 x 720 x 600 mm)
  • Recommended #902V Mobile Display Stand
  • #530-000 - IPT Pipe Trades Training Manual
  • #530-001 - IPT Pipe Trades Handbook