Rotary Drilling Bit Replica Set, 9-Piece

Model: 295-405

Many pieces of equipment must work together seamlessly to drill an oil or gas well. At the bottom of the drill pipe, below the drill collar, and at the tip of the drill string, a rotating apparatus known as the drill bit does the hard work of scraping, cutting, grinding, and crushing the rock and other materials at the bottom of the well.

Also known as “rock bits” or simply “bits,” rotary drill bits usually consist of several cones covered with sharp teeth. To cut into the hardest materials deep below Earth’s surface, rotary drill bits must be made of the hardest materials available, such as steel, tungsten carbide, and natural or synthetic diamonds.

DAC Worldwide’s Rotary Drilling Bit Replica Set, 9-Piece (295-405) is an assortment of rotary drilling bit replicas that teaches learners about the primary drill bit technology used on today's oil & gas rotary drilling rigs. This diverse set of realistic replicas will enhance training activities relating to oilfield operations, rotary drilling, and drill rig operations.

This replica set includes several cone-type bits, drag bits, and diamond bits of multiple varieties. Multiple hammer-type bits are also included. Each bit has been cast in urethane from actual hardware for industrial realism.

Industry-Standard Components Provide Realistic, Hands-On Training

Technical training is most effective when learners can gain hands-on practice with industry-standard components they’ll encounter on the job. The Rotary Drilling Bit Replica Set features replicas of a variety of common, industrial-quality rotary drill bits to provide learners with a realistic training experience that will build skills that translate easily to the workplace.

The Rotary Drilling Bit Replica Set includes two 13-gauge, formed-steel support assemblies to hold the set of full-size, to-scale replicas. They can also be mounted on compatible DAC Worldwide display and support systems.

The lightweight, cast-urethane replicas are manufactured using molds created from actual hardware. All replicas feature protective painting. Tri-cone rock bits also include simulated motion, so learners can see how they move during the drilling process.

The following common rotary bit types are included in the set:

  • 3-7/8" Tri-Cone Rock Bit
  • 6-7/8" TCI Tri-Cone Bit
  • 4-1/2" Chevron Drag Bit
  • 3-7/8" 3-Way, Stepped Drag Bit
  • 5-7/8" PDC Bit
  • 4-7/8" Diamond Bit
  • 2-1/2" Diamond (ADCB) Core Bit
  • 2" Cross (DTH) Bit
  • 2-1/2" Drop-Center (DTH) Button Hammer Bit
  • Two 13-gauge, formed-steel support assemblies.
  • Full-size, to-scale cast replicas.
  • Lightweight, cast-urethane replicas using molds created from actual hardware.
  • Representative, protective bit painting.
  • Tri-cone rock bits include simulated motion.
  • Bit types include: 3-7/8" Tri-Cone Rock Bit, 6-7/8" TCI Tri-Cone Bit, 4-1/2" Chevron Drag Bit, 3-7/8" 3-Way, Stepped Drag Bit, 5-7/8" PDC Bit, 4-7/8" Diamond Bit, 2-1/2" Diamond (ADCB) Core Bit, 2" Cross (DTH) Bit, 2-1/2" Drop-Center (DTH) Button Hammer Bit.
  • Packaging for shipment via courier or motor freight.
  • Mount on related DAC Worldwide Display and Support Systems.
  • Product Dimensions
    (L x W x H)
    8-1/2in x 19in x 12in (215 x 482 x 304 mm) (ea. assy).
    43 lbs. (19 kg) approx combined total
  • Shipping Dimensions
    55 lbs. (24 kg) approx combined total

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