Reciprocating Compressor Model

Model: 211-000

DAC Worldwide’s Reciprocating Compressor Model (211-000) is a detailed display piece depicting a typical double-acting, reciprocating, crosshead-type, air compressor.

Patterned after the high pressure side of an Ingersoll-Rand XLE compressor, the device allows for complete instruction in the design, function, and maintenance of a reciprocating compressor found in industry. Constructed at approximately 1/3 size and weighing only 50 pounds, this detailed, scale replica includes simulated motion.

Reciprocating Compressor Model Brings Training to Life

Its convenient size, detail, color-coding, and title block/legend, allows the device to be useful in courses relating to compressors and process plant equipment.

  • Construction based on a Ingersoll-Rand crosshead-type compressor.
  • Constructed at approximately 1/3 scale throughout.
  • Simulated rotary/reciprocating motion using a hand crank.
  • Two fully-detailed inlet unloaders and two channel valves (one of each cut away).
  • Full housing cutaway showing all internal components.
  • Fully-detailed and removable oil wiper and stuffing box assemblies.
  • Aluminum working parts.
  • Color-coding throughout.
  • PVC baseplate with provision to mounting on related bench and workstation products.
  • Title block/legend with numbered "call-outs" of equipment features.
  • Crating for shipment via motor freight.
  • 36-in. L x 19-in. W x 20-in. H (910 x 480 x 500 mm)
  • 50lbs. (23kg)


Recommended #902V Mobile Display Stand

Includes (2) Inlet Unloaders, (2) Channel valves, Full Housing Cutaway, Oil Wiper, Stuffing Box