Pump Jack Trainer

Model: 295-409

DAC Worldwide’s Pump Jack Trainer (295-409) depicts the key surface and subsurface components, as well as the operating principles, of one of the most essential pieces of oilfield production equipment: the oilfield production pump.

Commonly known by a variety of names, including pumping unit, walking beam pump, nodding donkey, sucker rod pump, grasshopper, and more, pump jacks are the workhorses of the oil production industry. These devices can be found anywhere oil and gas is present, but they’re rarely understood due to the fact that much of their operation takes place well-hidden many hundreds or even thousands of feet below the Earth’s surface.

The pump jack trainer features all the components of a common oilfield production pump, including a walking beam with counterweight plates for stroke adjustments, gear motor, variable frequency drive, simulated bridle and sucker rod, and an acrylic reservoir with well bore and Christmas tree manifold.

Developed for use in industrial education and training, the pump jack trainer carefully replicates the most common method of artificial lift used in wells that are no longer producing naturally. These common pumps are often the subject of both introductory and in-depth operations and maintenance training within both educational institutions and oil and gas companies.

Fabricated from a variety of carefully-selected materials, the trainer clearly shows the aboveground working mechanism and the subsurface pumping system using clear acrylic for maximum visibility and engineering plastics for long life and durability.

Duplicating the geometry and mechanical motions found in well-known examples of equipment from industry leaders, such as Lufkin Industries, the working walking beam features an aluminum weldment with provision for stroke adjustment using counterweight plates and a variable speed control like those used in actual full-size equipment.

A simulated bridle and sucker rod string conveys the reciprocating motion through the working pump components deep in the well bore. Special attention is given to realistic geometry, stroke length, and drive ratios. Minor realistic adjustments can be made to many components in order to vary production rates and simulate alternate conditions.

An accurately-rendered standing valve, traveling valve, and tube assembly gradually captures downhole fluids and delivers them to a simulated Christmas tree manifold atop the wellhead. For convenience, the produced liquid is returned to the simulated reservoir below via hoses allowing for continuous operation. Simulated aggregate can easily be added to the reservoir area if desired.

  • Walking Beam with Counterweight Plates for Stroke Adjustments
  • Gear Motor
  • VFD
  • Simulated Bridle and Sucker Rod
  • Requires 100-240V/50-60Hz/1ph power
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