Positive Displacement Blower Cutaway, Rotary Lobe-Type

Model: 211-140

DAC Worldwide’s Positive Displacement Blower Cutaway, Rotary Lobe-Type (211-140) is a realistic, sectioned rotary lobe-type positive displacement compressor as commonly found in petro-chemical plants, refineries, and other industrial applications. The full-size, fully-detailed example gives learners a first-hand view into a component that is found in various applications worldwide.

This basic mechanical valve cutaway includes actual brass and bronze valve components, including a partition, rotors, sound absorbers and more. Through carefully planned sectioning, the complete internal configuration of this blower can be seen, while allowing for disassembly for more complete inspection and convenient classroom training in the operation, construction, and maintenance of these common pieces of mechanical equipment.

Enhance Training with Hands-On Cutaway Industrial Components

This Positive Displacement Blower Cutaway provides a realistic training introduction to industrial displacement blowers, which will make introductory courses in blower maintenance and operation more productive, realistic, and memorable for learners. The Positive Displacement Blower components are industrial-grade, mimicking what students might encounter on-the-job. The device also sits on a 10-gauge, steel baseplate, allowing for stand-alone display, benchtop mounting, or mounting on specialized mounting benches.

The cutaway features carefully-planned cutaway areas that are individually mounted, and possess the ability to be removed from the baseplate for convenient classroom use. All of the cutaway’s components are also visible and have been retained, enhancing students’ visual learning. Replacement hardware is provided where appropriate.

The equipment used within the trainer is cleaned, primed and painted using a high-endurance urethane coating, providing durability to stand up to frequent use. In addition, all of the component parts are color coded to enhance the learning process.

Expand Training with Additional Mechanical Model Options

The Variable Speed Belt Drive Component Cutaway is only one of DAC Worldwide’s expansive mechanical training cutaways, including a Reciprocating Compressor Demonstrator (211), a Regenerative Blower Cutaway (211-150), a Rotary Screw Compressor Cutaway (#211-192), and more!

  • Sectioning of actual industrial hardware
  • Common blower makes and models chosen
  • Cleaning, priming, and painting, using a high-durability polyurethane coating
  • Color coding of component parts
  • Replacement, plated hardware, where applicable
  • 10-Gauge, formed-steel, powder coated baseplate, with component attachment piers
  • Provision for mounting on related bench and workstation products
  • Packaging for shipment via motor freight
  • Product Dimensions
    (L x W x H)
    24in. x 13.5in. x 12in. (600 x 340 x 3000 mm)
  • Recommended #902F - Electromechnical Workstation