Portable Calibration Training System Plus

Model: 616-PAC

DAC Worldwide’s Portable Calibration Training System Plus (616-PAC) is a portable tabletop instrument calibration workstation that allows for convenient testing and calibration of instruments, process controllers, and other instrumentation and process control-related components. The device, coupled with a comprehensive student manual, creates a complete, self-paced learning system that reflects realistic industrial and commercial applications.

This self-contained, tabletop training system provides for complete, realistic courses in instrumentation control and calibration within an economical and space-saving package. Useful within industrial training programs or in an educational setting, the Portable Calibration Training System Plus will help make this fundamental part of instrumentation maintenance training more memorable and effective.

The complete package includes a Portable Calibration Workstation (616), an Economy Standard Test and Calibration Equipment Package (600-006A), a Strip Chart Recorder (600-051), a Dry Wall Temperature Calibrator (600-111), a Sample Panel Base & Support Assembly (945), Basic Instrument Technician Toolkit (600-301), an Electromechanical Workbench with Laminated Top (905W), and an Instrumentation and Process Control Book (581-007).

Practice Hands-On Process Control Skills for Various Applications

The basic instrumentation training system workstation includes a pneumatic calibration and test panel, with test gauges and regulators. It also features an electrical calibration and test panel, which includes digital meters, conversion resistors, and power supply connections. The panels are mounted on a free-standing frame assembly, and additional frame assemblies can be added to mount optional strip chart recorders, panel-mounted calibration equipment, and rack-mounted instruments.

The workstation can be tethered directly to related process control training equipment through electrical and pneumatic free lines, or used as a stand-alone, portable calibration work area. This instrumentation training system utilizes a 16-gauge steel cabinet with carrying handle and realistic process control adjustments. The 16-gauge support frame provides durability to stand up to frequent use, and to aide learners in becoming better prepared for the tasks they will encounter on the job.

Hands-On Exercises and Learning Activities Lead to Realistic Results

DAC Worldwide’s Portable Calibration Training System Plus also features exercises and learning activities that focus more on results and less on secondary academic background information. This comprehensive training system offers content in instrumentation principles, with individual learning activities provided in a self-paced or instructor-led format. The integrated course features multiple activities, all of which include background information on the topic, hands-on experiments, and related review questions.

Optional Student Training Manual Available to Enhance Learning

A copy of this course’s Student Training Manual is available with the training system. Sourced from the Exercises and Learning Activities, the Student Training Manual takes the technical content contained in the learning objectives, and combines it into one perfectly-bound book. If you would like to inquire about purchasing additional Student Training Manuals for your program, please contact your local DAC Worldwide Representative for more information.

  • Power circuit breaker, with pilot light
  • Digital ammeter, 0-200 mA DC
  • Digital voltmeter, 0-200 VDC
  • 24-Volt DC regulated power supply, 2.4 A
  • Variable output power supply, 1.5 - 35 VDC, 1 A
  • Conversion resistors, 100 ohm and 250 ohm
  • Precision air supply regulator with 3.5", 0-30 PSI gauge, 0.5 percent accuracy, with quick-disconnect tubing connections
  • Precision air supply regulator with 3.5", 0-60 PSI gauge, 0.5 percent accuracy, with quick-disconnect tubing connections
  • Electrical connection tether (allows connection to process trainer free lines via multi-pin connector).
  • Test gage, 3.5" inch, 0-30 psi, 0.5 percent accuracy, with quick-disconnect tubing connection
  • Five (5) 110 VAC duplex receptacles, ground fault protected
  • Provision for electrical and pneumatic free line connections, allowing direct connection to related process control training equipment
  • Welded steel instrument mounting stanchion for mounting D/P cells and pressure transmitters
  • Welded aluminum support structure with rubber feet
  • Powder coated surfaces throughout
  • Crating for shipment via motor freight

Package Includes:

  • 616 - Portable Calibration Workstation
  • 600-006A - Economy Standard Test and Calibration Equipment Package
  • 600-051 - Strip Chart Recorder
  • 600-111 - Dry Well Temperature Calibrator
  • 945 - Sample Panel Base & Support Assembly
  • 600-301 - Basic Instrument Technician Tool Kit
  • 581-007 - Instrumentation and Process Control Book by Kirk, Weedon & Kirk, 6th Edition

DISCLAIMER: Product Dimensions are approximate. Shipping Dimensions and Weights are for directional use only and may change based on manufacturer variables. For the most accurate Shipping Dimensions and Weights, please contact the manufacturer.

  • Product Dimensions
    (L x W x H)
    14in. x 20in. x 23in. (350 x 510 x 580 mm)
    50lbs. (23kg)
  • Shipping Dimensions
    70lbs. (32kg)
  • #581-007 - Instrumentation, 5th Ed.
  • #600-051 - Paperless Strip Chart Recorder Panel, 4 Channel
  • #600-110 - Resistance Decade Box w/Leads
  • #910 - Rolling Rack Assembly
  • #945 - Sample Panel Support Assembly
  • #600-205 - Digital multimeter/process calibrator (alternate calibration instrument)
  • #616-004 - Double frame/baseplate assembly upgrade, with one blank 19in. rack panel and one lock box accessory panel
  • #616-500 - Use Guide (additional)
  • #82-612 - Amatrol 6' table with maple top
  • Connecting tubing, 1/4in. diameter, (25')
  • Tubing cutter
  • Eight (8)Tubing fittings
  • Eighteen (18) Banana jack patch cords
  • 110/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Instrument air supply