Motorized Multi-Turn Valve Actuator Trainer

Model: 212-000

DAC Worldwide’s Motorized Multi-Turn Valve Actuator Trainer (212-000) is multi-functional device used for hands-on multi-turn actuator training. This valve actuator training device can be used to demonstrate the operation, calibration, maintenance, assembly and troubleshooting of common motorized multi-turn valve actuators used in industry.

Motorized Valve Actuator Training System Brings Industrial Realism to Classroom

Valve actuators use a power source – commonly manual, electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic – to operate a valve and multi-turn actuators are utilized when more than one revolution is required.

This multi-turn actuator trainer features strategically-placed cutaways, clear viewing windows, and clear acrylic replacement parts allow the complete internal configuration of the actuator to be seen during operation. The device also includes a simulated valve seat with acrylic guard, allowing for electrical and mechanical limits to be set.

  • Valve Actuator Selection
  • Actuator Design from Manual Hand-Wheels to Electrical Manipulators and Hydraulic Manipulators
  • Construction and Operation of Manual Valve Actuators, Electric Valve Actuators, Hydraulic Valve Actuators, Pneumatic Valve Actuators, and Solenoid Valve Actuators
  • Valve Position Indicator Types
  • Advantages of Using Multi-Turn Actuators
  • Operation of Multi-Turn Actuators
  • How to Disassemble, Inspect, and Reassemble a Multi-Turn Actuator
  • Techniques to Prevent Damage when Disassembling Valve Actuators
  • How to Adjust a Valve Actuator Limit Switch
  • Disassembly, cleaning and modification of actual industrial valve actuators.
  • Cutaways allowing view of internal components in multiple areas.
  • Clear acrylic viewing windows for safety.
  • Clear acrylic switch housing.
  • Welded, heavy-duty mounting stand constructed from 1-1/2", 14 Gauge, steel tubing and 1/4", steel plate.
  • Heavy-duty, anti-vibration, leveling feet.
  • Simulated valve seat, with protective clear acrylic guards.
  • 220 VAC, 3-phase motor controls (optional single-phase controls offered).
  • NEMA control box and control panel with bi-directional switch, three-pole breaker and running lights.
  • 28"W x 32"L x 45"H (711 x 813 x 1143 mm)
  • 225 lbs (102 kg)

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Includes NEMA Control Box and Control Panel, Simulated Valve Seat, Cutaways, 3-Phase Motor Controls, Manufacturer Manuals.