Mechanical Rub Kit

Model: 203-019

DAC Worldwide's Mechanical Rub Kit (203-019) is a specialized product option enhances a variety of related vibration analysis study and demonstration products with respect to the unique vibration signatures created by mechanical rub and looseness in rotating equipment. The detection of general and stator/rotor rub, is regularly encountered by maintenance personnel when performing preventive and predictive maintenance tasks on industrial rotating equipment.

Both a stanchion stabilizing for unique rub material samples, and an enlarged shaft-rub rotor are provided allowing for experimentation with continuous, light, severe, intermittent, and occasional rubbing circumstances.

The entire assembly can be easily mounted on standard T-slotted demonstrator baseplates using locking knobs, and experimentation can take place in any section of the related demonstrator’s shafting.

  • Welded aluminum, repositionable sample support stanchion
  • Aluminum, 4-position rubbing sample support wheel with mechanically attached material samples
  • Material samples including: neoprene rubber, Teflon, brass, and Delrin
  • Machined steel shaft rub collar with eccentric shaft locking mechanism
  • Quick-access mounting, positioning, and force-adjustment knob with lock-nuts
  • 8-in. L x 4.5-in. W x 1.5-in. H (200 x 115 x 40 mm)
  • 2 lbs. (.9 kg)

Includes Repositionable Stanchion, 4-Position Rubbing Sample Support Wheel, Material Samples (Neoprene Rubber, Teflon, Brass, Delrin), Steel Shaft Rub Collar

For use with Vibration Analysis Training Systems 203, 203D, and 203E