Wedge Belt and Sheave Set

Model: 201-002

DAC Worldwide’s Wedge Belt and Sheave Set (201-002) is a package of specialized belt drive components that expand the topic coverage of related belt drive training systems and mechanical packages with respect to wedge belt-type drives.

The mechanical package includes multiple type 3V belts, specialty wedge belt sheaves, and related QD bushings, matching the details of the curriculum provided with DAC belt drive training systems. The curriculum focuses on the principles behind Alignment and Tensioning of Wedge Belts.

Expand Training with Additional Mechanical Options

The Wedge Belt and Sheave Set is only one of DAC Worldwide’s expansive mechanical training devices, which also includes a Combined Mechanical Trainer (200), a Chain Drive (201-001), a Sheave-Sprocket Laser Alignment Tool (201-005), a High Torque, Synchronous Belt Drive Set (Poly Chain) (201-006), and many more!

Student Training Manual Available as Additional Learning Option

A copy of this course’s Student Training Manual is included with the training system. Sourced from the Exercises and Learning Activities, the Student Training Manual takes the technical content contained in the learning objectives, and combines it into one perfectly-bound book. If you would like to inquire about purchasing additional Student Training Manuals for your program, please contact your local DAC Worldwide Representative for more information.

  • Two (2) Type 3V wedge belts of two lengths matching standard DAC belt drive applications
  • Two (2) Type 3V bushed sheaves of two sizes
  • Two (2) Type “SH” QD bushings
  • Two Type 3V Wedge Belts
  • Two Type 3V Bushed Sheaves
  • Two Type "SH" QD Bushings
  • Belt Drive Training System (201-000)
  • 4-lbs. (1.8 kg)