Coupling Kit

Model: 203-015

DAC Worldwide's Coupling Kit (203-015) is a specialized product option and accessory supplements and enhances the usefulness of a family of related training products focused on vibration and rotating equipment.

While many coupling types are promoted as overcoming, or compensating for, certain amounts of and types of misalignment, this set and the normally-provided helical beam coupling allow for realistic experimentation proving otherwise to different degrees.

Four unique coupling types are provided allowing the user to compare vibration signatures under normal running conditions and under various conditions of misalignment, including both angular and offset conditions.

Easily substituted for the standard coupling on many related devices, this carefully-selected group of coupling types allows for expanded demonstration and analysis over a range of operating conditions. Coupling designs from popular industry leaders are included for industrial relevancy.

  • Jaw and spider coupling, (“Lovejoy-type”) including spiders of 2 durometers
  • Rigid, clamp-on steel coupling (“Ruland-type”)
  • Bonded rubber, shear-type coupling (“Dynaflex-type”)
  • Gear and nylon sleeve coupling (“Nyflex-type”)
  • Please contact us directly regarding alternate specialty coupling types that may be of interest
  • 8-in. L x 4.5-in. W x 1.5-in. H (200 x 115 x 40 mm)
  • 1 lbs. (.45 kg)

Includes Gear Coupling, Rigid Coupling, Bonded Rubber Coupling, Elastomeric Coupling

For use with Vibration Analysis Training Systems 203, 203D, and 203E.

Requires 203-017 AC Variable Speed Drive Option.