Piping System Model

Model: 299

Industrial maintenance technicians working at refineries or petrochemical plants must know how to read and interpret piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&ID). These detailed diagrams show essential information necessary for operations and maintenance.

Critical information featured on P&ID includes: process piping, sizes, and identification (pipe classes, line numbers, flow directions, interconnections, etc.); mechanical equipment (tanks, pumps, heat exchangers, wellheads, cooling towers, etc.); process control instrumentation and designation (valves, control inputs and outputs, vents, etc.); interfaces for class changes; computer control system; and identification of components and subsystems delivered by others.

DAC Worldwide’s Piping System Model (299) is a highly-detailed scale model of a representative portion of a refinery or petrochemical plant. Designed for training purposes, the model facilitates training in the interpretation of P&ID and piping drawings.

The model includes a pipe rack, distillation column, heat exchangers, pumps, and supplemental equipment with connecting piping. The model reflects common designs for piping systems associated with columns and pipe racks.

P&ID and sample piping drawings are provided, allowing learners to trace the piping drawings and P&ID against a three-dimensional representation of a facility on the model. The model supports operations and maintenance training programs relating to the refining, petrochemical, and oil and gas industries.

Accurate Replicas Provide Realistic Training

Technical training is most effective when learners can gain hands-on practice with industry-standard components they’ll encounter on the job. The Piping System Model features exact, “to-scale” replicas of a wide variety of common, industrial-quality components and instruments to provide learners with a realistic training experience that will build skills that translate easily to the workplace.

The Piping System Model features precise, “to-scale” construction throughout, including columns, heat exchangers, structural components, and piping. The model also includes representative concrete foundations and pipe racks. Process instrumentation is clearly indicated using symbolic component labels and descriptive tags.

The model is situated on a durable PVC baseplate. Components are painted with a high-durability urethane coating. To expand training options, an available Piping and P&ID Symbol Wall Chart Set can be added to the model.

  • Exact, "to-scale" construction throughout, including: column, heat exchangers, structural components, and piping.
  • Representative concrete foundations, pipe rack, & piping.
  • Durable PVC baseplate.
  • Indication of Process Instrumentation using symbolic component labels and descriptive tags.
  • Painting, as necessary, using a high-durability coating.
  • System P&ID & area piping drawings.
  • Packaging for shipment via motor freight.
  • Product Dimensions
    (L x W x H)
    18in. x 18in. x 20in. (457 x 457 x 508 mm)
  • Shipping Dimensions
    (L x W x H)
    25in. x 24in. x 28in. (635 x 609 x 711)
  • Recommended #902V Mobile Display Stand