Crude Oil Desalter Model

Model: 295-501

DAC Worldwide's Crude Oil Desalter Model (295-501) is a high-fidelity, to-scale training model that showcases the equipment features and process components used in two popular crude oil desalters types found in refineries and in oilfield production applications.

Crude oil desalters (electrostatic coalescers) are frequently found in refinery crude oil units as well as being a common part of oilfield production systems and perform the important function of removing dissolved or suspended inorganic salts, sand, and other impurities from the crude stream in order to reduce downstream system corrosion, abrasion, coking, fouling, and plugging.

Using electrostatic coalescence, a crude oil emulsion including injected dilution wash water is separated creating a waste brine by-product and salt-free crude oil.

Fabricated primarily from durable engineering plastics including clear acrylic, PVC, and ABS, the training aid has been designed to provide maximum visibility of important internal components while ensuring durability in shipping and in long-term use.

Based, generally, on two well-known desalters designs offered by industry leaders, many state-of the-art desalter features are depicted. Numbered “call-outs” of equipment features coupled with a descriptive Title Block/Legend allows for self-discovery of equipment features by the student and enhances instructor use. A stylized technical illustration is provided allowing for testing in component recognition and nomenclature review.

  • Precise, "to-scale" construction throughout; 6-in. primary shell diameter
  • Two desalter designs are depicted on opposite ends of the vessel including a common grid-type desalter as well as a counter-current dilution water, plate-type desalter
  • Durable, plate-type PVC base assembly with provision for mounting on related support and display structures (10-in. x 29-in.)
  • 1/8-in. wall clear acrylic vessel shell and heads allowing for total visibility of internal details, representative operating interface levels, and internal instrumentation
  • Detailed depiction of representative internal components in detail including: coalescing grids, inlet emulsion spreaders, sand pans, sand jetting system, insulated hangers, dilution water header, representative oil/rag/water levels, electrical entrance bushing with insulator, baffles, and oil outlet collector
  • Depiction of all primary external detail including: transformers (power units), access walkway, crude oil inlet piping, mixing valve, sampling manifold with cooler cabinet, oil outlet piping, manways, nozzles, representative level instrumentation, dilution water piping, as well as all primary external safety equipment, valving, and primary structural detail
  • Detailed Title Block/Legend, including descriptions for numbered equipment details
  • Laser-engraved, acrylic, feature numbers and flow arrows throughout
  • 26-in. L x 10-in. W x 11-in. H (660 x 250 x 280 mm)
  • 16 lbs. (7 kg)
  • Common Grid-Type Desalter
  • Counter-Current Dilution Water
  • Plate-Type Desalter
  • Clear Shell and Heads
  • Detailed Depiction Of Representative Internal Components
  • External Detail