Peek Inside Industrial Valves | Butterfly Valve Maintenance Training Tool

  • Realistic training introduction to industrial valve components
  • First-hand view into component's complete inner workings
  • Complete internal configuration is exposed & showcased
  • Features real-world, industrial-grade components
Butterfly Valve

Model: 254

DAC Worldwide’s Butterfly Valve Cutaway, 4” - 6” (254) is a sample industrial butterfly valve that has been carefully sectioned and color-coded to train learners in the operation, construction, and maintenance of butterfly valves. Butterfly valves are quarter-turn rotational motion valves used to start, regulate, or stop the flow of a fluid. The “butterfly” is a metal disk connected to a rod that’s positioned in the center of the pipe.

The cutaway exposes and showcases the complete internal configuration of a butterfly valve. Moreover, seal features and hardware locations have been retained to allow realistic, hands-on valve maintenance training. The Butterfly Valve Cutaway can be customized with available options to match a particular industry’s or user’s specific needs. 

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