Establish Industrial Safety Standards | Lock-Out / Tag-Out Safety Trainer

  • Realistic, simulated working process environment
  • Establishes standards for the shutdown of equipment
  • Supports individual and small-team activities
  • Features real-world, industrial-quality components
lock out tag out training

Model: 811-000

DAC Worldwide’s Lock-Out/Tag-Out Training System (811-000) features a realistic, simulated working process environment that facilitates introductory training with hands-on activities related to the process of identifying and locking out sources of dangerous potential energy in an industrial setting.

The training system includes two process tanks; a centrifugal pump; a complex, multi-purpose piping network; electrical controls; and a variety of lockable system components. A lock-out/tag-out kit that features a large number of commonly-encountered locking and tagging devices is also included.

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