610-001 - Strip Chart Recorder, Benchtop

Product Dimensions
(W x D x H)
5.625" x 11" x 8" (143 x 280 x 200 mm)

A convenient, economical, 2-Channel strip chart recorder package configured for bench-top use to supplement and support related calibration and process control products.

This industrial-quality continuous printing-capable, 2-Channel, 4"(100 mm) ink-jet printer is housed in a custom 16-gauge durable enclosure, and pre-wired for power and 1-5 V inputs. Power is provided via a standard, recessed appliance connection at the rear of the assembly and connection points are also located on the rear panel face.

Designed and developed to supplement specialized educational equipment relating to calibration and basic process control data acquisition, the product can be conveniently used in industrial, research, and R & D applications.
Convenient, portable, bench-type form factor size, ( 5.625" X 11" X 8"H).
Complements many related DAC instrumentation and process control products.
Brand-name, industrial-quality, 4" (100 mm), 2-Channel, continuously-recording, inkjet strip chart recorder.
Multiple enhanced digital printing capabilities.
Advanced features including 6-digit LED display, alternate input types, three-color capability, and alarm capabilities.
Indicating accuracy +/- 2%, chart speeds 10-1500mm/hr., accepts both thermocouple and RTD inputs.
16-gauge, 3-piece, formed-steel, cabinet with silk-screened connection information.
Powder-coated surfaces.
Convenient carrying handle and anti-slip rubber feet.
Pre-wired for 1-5 V inputs.
On-board, replaceable fusing.
Unique, 3-year original equipment manufacturer’s warranty.
Packaging for shipment via parcel service or courier.
(2) 250 ohm resistors
(1) Manufacturer's Use and Operation Guide
110/230 VAC, 1-phase, 50/60 Hz.
None Provided

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