586-022 - Textbook, Process Technology: Safety, Health and Environment. 3rd Ed.

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Written by Charles Thomas, a practicing process operations instructor at Lee College in Texas, this recently-updated 3rd edition improves on a proven product.

This recently updated textbook has been used successfully for several years in support of industrial and academic programs related to industrial process operations safety in programs currently referred to as “Ptec” or “Process Technology”. These programs prepare students to become effective and knowledgeable process operators in chemical plants and refineries.

The book clearly introduces the student to the full range of safety, health and environmental issues of concern to students embarking on careers in process operations in industry.

The 3rd Edition improves on a successful tradition of offering clarity, excellent line art and valuable photographs, to illustrate all points. A review of its in-depth table of contents will reveal the book’s appropriateness for its intended use. New topics in this edition include material relating to weapons of mass destruction, and natural disasters along with a comprehensive section on conducting a Job Hazard Analysis

This industry-focused, essential textbook reviews many government-mandated safety topics as well as personal protection issues for the industry new-comer.
Recently reviewed and updated (3rd Edition, 2011, Cengage Learning).
Economical, yet durable soft-cover format.
352 Pages with hundreds of high-quality drawings, tables, and photographs.
Written by a practicing Process Technology and Process Safety instructor.
Each chapter begins with a list of clear training objectives, and a review of key terms to be encountered.
Used as a primary textbook in many Ptech (Process Operations) programs.
Includes review questions at the end of each chapter.
In depth table of contents, 10-page glossary and index.
ISBN-13: 9781111036355
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Topics Include:
Introduction to Process Safety * Hazard Classification * Routes of Entry and Environmental Effects* Gases, Vapors, Particulates and Toxic Metals * Hazards of Liquids * Hazard Chemical Identification: Hazcom, Toxicology and DOT * Fire and Explosion * Electrical, Noise, Heat Radiation, Ergonomic and Biological Hazards * Operating Hazards * Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) * Engineering Controls * Administrative Controls * Regulatory Overview: OSHA, PAM, EPA, HFDA, and DOT * HAZWOPER * Process System Hazards * Hurricanes and Natural Disasters* Process Drawings: PFDs and P&IDs;

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