093-015 - CD-ROM Training, "Measurement Basics"

Product Dimensions
4" X 4" X .125"

This, recently-published interactive and animated training program, developed by New Standard Institute, and written by Michael V. Brown, offers a multi-faceted introduction to measurement types, methods, and tools commonly encountered in the industrial maintenance setting.

Over one hour of rich content leads the student from introductory topics such as basic shop math and measurement systems, on to common measurement tools and their use, and then ultimately, methods of indirect measurement and calibration techniques.

A suggested content enhancement for multiple DAC hands-on precision measurement activity packages, this short course can be easily used as a self-directed refresher within the maintenance department or on-call within a maintenance library, as a reference.
Convenient, CD-ROM format
Many animations throughout, making technical concepts more approachable to the student
Scalable graphics available for all detailed images.
Fully professionally-narrated.
Includes both English and metric measurement examples.(Students may toggle between measurement systems throughout).
Written by a currently-active industrial maintenance training organization. (Much content extracted from proven instructor-led training materials)
Also available in E-learning and web-based learning formats (please contact us)
Extremely interactive, including exercises, pop-up definitions, animated illustrations, and re-sizable graphics.
Includes content on both direct and indirect measurement techniques.
Voted a finalist in the 2004 product of the year, by, Plant Maintenance Magazine.
Used as companion learning content for multiple DAC hands-on products.
Includes authorization key for installation on a single computer, only.
Packing for economy shipment via courier service or mail service.
#592-007 - Textbook, Machine Shop Tools & Operations (Audel)
#592-027 - The Starrett Book for Student Machinists
Primary content:
•   History of Measurement Methods
•   The Metric System
•   Basic Shop Math
•   Precision Measurement Tools
•   Indirect Measurement
•   Tool Calibration and Maintenance

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