532-007 - Control Valve Handbook (Pre-Owned)

Product Dimensions
(LxWxH) 6in x 9in x 3/4in, Hardcover Format

This respected and often re-printed reference guide and text, developed over several decades by the Fischer Controls Company (now Emerson Process Management) has been used as a standard reference by process engineers, piping designers, and maintenance professionals for many years.

Here, we offer hard-bound, pre-owned copies of this classic text, selecting examples from the second edition (1977) through the current edition, while supplies last. Generally, these examples are in good readable condition, adequate for fast reference, and a valued necessity for maintenance libraries.

In-depth-review and reference information is provided regarding valve bodies, trim, actuators, positioners, valve selection, installation, and maintenance, as well as related engineering data, piping data and handy reference tables.

An essential reference text for any working process system designer, instrument technician, or maintenance professional, this well-known text will provide years of valuable service.
Convenient and durable hard-bound format (6" X 9" X3/4")
Written by the industry leaders in process control hardware and technology (Emerson Process Management).
Over 225 pages of fact-filled text, photographs, and reference tables.
Detailed subject index for fast reference.
Recent additions provided. (Post 1977)
Many informative, hi-fidelity, illustrations and photographs.
Many pages of reference tables, engineering data, and piping design data.
Available from stock (quantities limited)
Provided in gently-used condition for reference purposes.
Packing for shipment via parcel service or Postal Service.
Topics Include:

Introduction to Control Valves * Control Valve Performance * Valve and Actuator Types * Control Valve Accessories * Control Valve Selection * Steam Conditioning Valves * Installation and Maintenance * Standards and Approvals * Engineering Data * Pipe Data * Conversions and Equivalents * Subject Index

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