592-002 - Audel’s Machine Shop Basics, 5th Edition

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This comprehensive introduction to basic machine shop tools, tooling, and processes has been written as an introductory text, useful to apprentices, trades students, advanced hobbyists and industrial maintenance personnel.

Written by Mark Richard Miller, professor and chair of industrial technology at Texas A&M University, the textbook is used as a companion text and reference for multiple DAC machine trades and benchwork activity kits designed to teach fundamental hands-on craft and machine shop skills.
Concentrating on common tools and tooling found in all manufacturing machine shops and maintenance machine shops, this text will be useful as a permanent reference and resource for practicing machine shop, maintenance, inspection professionals, in many industries.

Written with clarity and heavily-illustrated, the text conveys the use of common hand tools and precision measurement tools effectively and clearly.

Expanding upon its primary focus on hand skills, layout and measurement, considerable content is offered relating to machine shop safety, motor troubleshooting and related technical reference material in an expanded appendix.
Written by Mark Richard Miller, and Rex Miller, both industrial technology professors.
Published in 2004 by Wiley for its respected Audel’s series.
Convenient 5.25" X 8.25" X .625" toolbox format.
16, well-structured chapters on individual activities and tools commonly encountered.
End-of-chapter review questions.
Hundreds of informative illustrations, photographs, and line drawings, many provided by industry leaders.
Complements multiple DAC products related to precision benchwork, precision measurement, and the use of fundamental hand tools.
Included in the-depth treatment of work-holding techniques using various machines.
Includes extensive information on cutting tool selection, use, and safety.
Extensive discussion of hand tool selection and use/purpose.
Extended appendix including commonly I’ve been used formulae, conversion tables, and common weights and measures.
Comprehensive, detailed index for ease-of-use.
ISBN: 978-0764555268
Packaging for shipment via courier, parcel service or mail service.
* Benchwork * Precision Measurement and Gaging * Materials * Abrasives * Grinding * Cutting Fluids * Cutting Tools * Cutter and Tool Grinders * Drills * Reamers * Taps * Threading Dies * Milling Machine Cutters * Milling Machine Arbors, College, and Adapters * Broaches and Broaching * Electrical Safety in the Machine Shop * Appendix: Reference Materials

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