803-0886 - Decimal Equivalents Helper Card, 6-Pack

Product Dimensions
(each) 3-3/8in. x 5-1/4in.
1 oz.

Shipping Dimensions
1 oz.

This discounted package of 6 reference cards, allowing for group distribution, will aid in job performance consistency within your department or training group.

This “Helper Card” was developed as a toolbox reference, essential for any craftsperson, technician, or maintenance person as a handy reference for decimal equivalents of fractions of an inch, drill sizes, and tap drill sizes. Available singly, as well as in, 12-packs and 50-packs, this toolbox reference will be a valuable tool for those working in industry, from the machine shop to the factory floor.

While originally designed as a supplement to existing training systems relating to precision measurement, and benchwork craft skills, we now offer this inexpensive reference for working professionals and industrial concerns as a handy-reference, for use in the field.

As seen in the above illustrations, a full range of measurement conversions from 1/64" to 1-1/2" is shown on this 2-sided reference.

This is one in a series of handy industrial maintenance” helper card” reference products offered by DAC.
.063" durable plastic base material.
High-durability epoxy printing.
Side 1, - 1/64" - 7/32" fractional conversions and drills #80 - #A, with tap size reference.
Side 2, - 15/16" - 1-1/2" fractional conversions and drills, #B - 1-1/2" ,with tap size reference.
Bonus pipe thread and tap size chart.
Collect the whole series of helper cards.
Packaging for shipment via mail or parcel service, depending upon order quantity.

DAC accepts no liability for manufacturing errors, or measurement errors based on typographical errors that may exist within this product.