607D - Process Trainer, Heat Exchanger, Downsized

Product Dimensions
(L x W X H)
81in x 22in x 44in (2050 x 550 x 1110 mm)
350 lbs. (159 kg)

Shipping Dimensions
720 lbs. (327 kg)

This economical, compact, yet realistic, multi-purpose, working process system facilitates hands-on training relating to measurement and control of an industrial liquid temperature process incorporating either plate-type or shell and tube-type heat exchangers. The system is controlled using industrial-quality RTD and thermocouple temperature sensors, on-board temperature transmitters and a modern electronic PID controller.

Additionally, the system can be used for more academic investigation of heat transfer principles using two, on-board and multiple optional heat exchanger types.

All primary measurement and control devices are included in the base package , and the entire assembly is shipped complete and ready for use.

Whether used within the hands-on practical programs relating to industrial instrumentation and control, or in academic institutions for demonstration and investigation of heat transfer principles, its robust design will guarantee years of useful and dependable service.

7-Gauge, formed-steel, one-piece, baseplate, suitable for table-top mounting or mounting on related, optional, mobile support structures.
3/4" PVC and CPVC (heat resistant) process piping network with provision for manual control of two heat exchanger configurations.
Piping arrangement includes cross-over valving , allowing for both counter-flow and parallel-flow process conditions at each heat exchanger.
Two, industrial heat exchangers including; one bronze, 4-pass, fixed tubesheet, shell and tube-type and one stainless steel plate-type, each outfitted with multiple inlet and outlet multi-purposed thermowells. The primary shell and tube heat exchanger is permanently mounted, while the plate type heat exchanger is designed to be replaced with alternate, optional, heat exchanger types.
Provision for installation of optional supplementary, alternate, heat exchangers using connecting hoses at one heat exchanger location.
Provision for connecting to a cold water source, or optional chiller, using industrial quick-disconnect fittings and provided hoses.
Metered ball valves allowing for precise manual control of chilled water and hot water flow streams.
Two, in-line, variable-area, flowmeters.
Industrial, diaphragm-type, Air-to-Close, pneumatic control valve allowing for automatic control of the hot water delivery and circulation system.
On-board 5.5 KW in-line water heater.
Welded and assembled rear-panel framework using 1-1/2" square, 14-gauge steel tubing.
Laminate-covered rear panel face.
On-board, free-standing power and control assembly, including power panel and enclosure assembly with pump motor control, primary system on/off control, pilot light, system GFI, 24V (1.2A) DC power supply, and provision for manual or external relay control of pump, heater, and flow disturbance solenoid valve.
Control assembly-mounted control panel including, industrial PID controller, strip chart recorder and four programmable temperature transmitter/displays, with access connectors (2 thermocouple-type, and 2 RTD-type provided).
On-board industrial PID Controller (Honeywell UDC3500) and Control Air I/P converter.
Transparent, schedule 80, PVC piping and fittings throughout.
T-slotted, aluminum supplementary control device mounting pad on baseplate.
Polyethylene, 14 gallon capacity, primary reservoir.
Centrifugal pump, ½ HP jet pump.
Solenoid valve, allowing for the creation of flow supply disturbance at bypass surrounding the control valve.
Base-mounted air supply panel including master 0-60 psi. gauge and regulator, and secondary 0-30 psi. instrument air gauge with regulator and filter, and I/P converter.
Powder-coated surfaces throughout.
Packaging for shipment via motor freight or sea freight.
#060-1010 - CD, Process Control Basics
#080-467-1 - Video on temperature measurement (ISA).
#080-467-2 - Video on pressure measurement (ISA).
#080-467-3 - Video on level measurement (ISA).
#080-467-4 - Video on flow measurement (ISA).
#581-002 - Textbook, "The Condensed Handbook of Measurement and Control"
#581-012 - Textbook, "Industrial Control Electronics" (3rd edition) (Bartelt).
#582-002 - Textbook, "Measurement and Control Basics" (Hughes).
#583-002 - Textbook, "Fundamentals of Process Control" (Murrill).
#584-002 - Textbook, "Process Control Instrumentation" (Johnson).
#600-005 - Supplementary, Free-Standing Instrument Rack.
#600-008B - Storage/Lockbox Accessory
#600-0113 - Optional, 3-Unit Chiller Distribution Network
#600-011A - Chiller System, Economy (accommodates 1process system only)
#600-036A - Magnetic Flow Meter Assembly, Economy (4-20 mA Output)
#600-206 - Digital temperature calibrator
#600-D96 - Support frame/caster assembly (30in. height).
#607-D01 - Supplemental Tube-in-Tube Heat Exchanger Assembly
#607-D02 - Supplemental U-tube Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger Assembly
#607-D03 - Supplemental 2-pass Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger Assembly
#607D-500 - Use/Exercise Guide, 2-part (additional printed copy).
#607D-500C - Use/Exercise Guide, 2-part (additional CD-ROM copy).
#607D-PAC - Quick-Start Package (Including #607D, #600-006A, #600-D96, and #600-206)
* One test lead holder.
* Six, 36" test leads.
* Four, 60" test leads.
* 1/4" diameter instrument connection tubing (50').
* Four, quick-disconnect nipples.
* Two, tubing tees.
* Two, tubing unions.
* Tubing cutter.
* Hotplate.
* Two, Bi-metal Thermometers.
* Two, Type-J thermocouples, with connectors.
* Two RTD probes.
* Two, glass beakers, 1000ml.
* Use/Exercise Guide (Coming Soon).
* Chilled Water Connection Hose Set.
110/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, water source, instrument air source.
The courseware, useful in both a instructor-led and or a self-directed format, includes one of several optional textbooks, a course guide and hands-on exercises. Exercises include:

* Dedicated use/exercise guide coming June 2015.

This device has been designed for professionals for use under controlled circumstances for training only. DAC assumes no liability for injury resulting from the use or misuse of this product.
This device is being offered for training purposes only, and components cannot be used as replacement hardware in actual applications.
In accordance with DAC’s established policy of continuous improvement, these specifications and product descriptions are subject to change without notice. This information is the latest technical information as of the time of viewing or printing.
This training aid, concentrating on temperature control and measurement, incorporates, bynecessity, hot surfaces. Care should be taken in use to avoid accidental injury from heating elements and/or hot liquids.