860 - Piping Installation Training System, Small-Bore

Product Dimensions
(L x W x H)
81" x 22-1/4" x 78" (2065 x 565 x 1981 mm)
370 lbs. (168 kg)

Shipping Dimensions
(L x W x H)
89" x 25.5" x 88" (2250 x 650 x 2225 mm)
575 lbs. (260 kg).

A comprehensive training system relating to the installation of small-bore piping systems within a realistic, 3-dimensional environment.

The training aid incorporates a flexible, user-modifiable, steel structure allowing for installation of multiple piping systems using common tools of the trade. Realistic piping isometric drawings are used for reference during student construction. Applications include piping through a given bulkhead location, piping within a pipe rack, installation using pipe hangers, piping along walls, around obstructions and using piping offsets, all using multiple pipe types. A variety of pipe routing options are employed. User-designed pipe networks can easily be developed and fabricated.

Based on the design, components provided, and the size of the training environment two students, or two student teams, can work on systems simultaneously. The standard base package is provided with piping components for standard schedule 40 screwed iron and steel piping, Sch. 80 PVC piping, and sweat-type (soldered) copper piping systems.

Optional component packages allow for installation using other piping system types such as socket-weld and butt-weld steel piping systems., Replacement and supplemental consumables packages are also available.
Welded, 11-Ga. steel plate and 14-Ga. steel tubing base assembly, 22-1/4" x 81", allowing for mounting of structural end-frames, pump assembly, reservoir, and manifold pipe supports. (Entire assembly can be passed through a standard door frame.)
Four, 2" Dia., dual-wheel, locking swivel castors.
Two, welded-tubular steel end-frames allowing for mounting of component storage racks, the control/power assembly, PVC collection manifold, and other components, at both ends of the training aid, using standard 19" rack components.
Welded steel, longitudinal framing members, with perforations, allowing for installation of vertical, U-channel mounting channels, at 1" intervals along the full length of the structure.
Powder-coated surfaces throughout.
Four, powder-coated, vertical, repositionable, U-channel mounting channels, allowing for mounting of pipes, horizontal mounting hangers, pipe supports, pipe rack supports, and piping bulkhead/targets throughout the structure.
Five, horizontal U-channel mounting channels, allowing for direct mounting of pipes and pipe supports throughout the structure, between vertical U-channel members. (Allows for mounting in pipe rack, pipe hanger, and wall-mount applications.)
Four, 1/8" steel, powder-coated, repositionable, bulkhead/target panels, with epoxy silk-screened identification nomenclature and centerline locations. (7 routing positions are provided)
Stainless steel, ½ hp centrifugal pump, 40 GPM at 60' NPSH
Fixed, threaded stainless steel supply/distribution piping manifold with vertical check valve, and incorporating 3 brass ball-type block valves allowing for piping from three fixed discharge points, using all applicable piping systems simultaneously or individually.
Provision for system pump down, via dedicated ball valve, hose connection, and supplied hose.
Rack-mounted control/power assembly including breaker with lock-out/tag-out capability, GFCI, pilot light, and provision for external pump and solenoid valve control via relay contacts.
Combined pipe and pipe fitting sample kit including; 15 pipe samples of 1/8"-2" steel, PVC, Black Iron, and stainless steel pipe; pipe fitting sample assortment including 17 fitting samples of steel, Black Iron, stainless steel, brass, CPVC, and PVC components, all provided in a hinged plastic storage container.
14-Gallon polypropylene reservoir, with 1" clear PVC permanently-mounted pump suction piping incorporating and in-line, y-type strainer and suction bleed valve, in addition to two pressure-monitoring tubing quick-disconnect fittings on pump suction and discharge.
Steel, 3/4" NPS, screwed piping components as necessary to create two complete piping systems.
Copper, 3/4" NPS, “sweat” piping components as necessary to create two complete piping systems.
PVC, 3/4" NPS socket-type piping components as necessary to create two complete piping systems.
(3) Pipe supports for attachment to U-channel support system.
(3) Pipe hangers for attachment to U-channel support system.
Rack-mounted parts storage container assembly, allowing for storage of loose components when not in use. 16 bins with 6 dividers allowing for 22 storage compartments.
On-board, re-positionable pipe inventory storage brackets with elastic stabilization and stowing straps.
Crating for shipment via motor freight.
#530-021 - Handbook, the Pipefitter’s and Welder’s Handbook (Frankland) (Additional Copy)
#533-027 - Textbook, Fundamentals of Pipe Fitting (Job Training Systems) (additional copy)
#533-028 - Instructor’s Guide, Fundamentals of Pipe Fitting (Job Training Systems)
#860-001 - Team 2" Piping Consumables Package (copper/steel/PVC)
#860-002 - Replacement, “Team 1" Consumables Package (copper/steel/PVC)
#860-003 - PVC Piping Consumables kit (Additional Kit)
#860-004 - Screwed Steel Piping Consumables Kit (Additional Kit)
#860-005 - Copper Piping Consumables Kit (Additional Kit)
#860-006 - Pressure and Flow Monitoring Instrument Package
#860-007 - 3/4" Socket-Weld Pipe, Valve and Fitting Training Kit
#860-008 - Compression Fitting and Copper Tubing Training Kit
#860-009 - 1" Butt-Weld Pipe, Valve and Fitting Training Kit
#860-0101 - Pipe Identification Rule (Additional)
#860-011 - Pipe Threading Tool Kit
#860-013 - Hose and Barbed Fitting Training Package
#860-500 - Use/Exercise Guide(Additional Copy)
#860-PAC - Piping Installation Trainer, Small Bore, Quick-Start Package
(Includes: #860, 860-001, (2) 860-012, 860-011, 860-010(Add’l))
* Pipe support, pipe hanger and fastener kit, including U–channel connecting hardware * Re-positionable drip tray. * 12' x 3/4" dia. system fill and pump-down hoses. * (2) Pipe inventory storage brackets * Small-bore piping hand tool kit, (1). * Piping installation drawing package. * Use/Exercise Guide (available July 2017) * #530-000, Pipe Trades Training Manual (IPT) * #530-027, Textbook, Fundamentals of Pipe Fitting (Job Training Systems) * #530-021, Handbook, The Pipe Fitter’s and Welder’s Handbook (Frankland) * Pipe and Fitting Sample Kit * User Pipe Isometric Sketch Sheets (30-pack)
110/230 VAC, 60/50 Hz. 1-phase.

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