532-016 - Audel’s Pumps and Hydraulics, 6th Ed.

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6in x 9in, Softbound Format

This comprehensive technical reference and text, written by Rex Miller and Mark Richard Miller is considered by many to be the most complete combined introductory reference on pumping equipment and hydraulic principles available. A component part of the Audel’s Technical Trade Series, it is used as a standard textbook for several DAC hands-on training products relating to pumps. The book represents a good value, and should be considered as an indispensable reference for industrial maintenance libraries.

Consisting of 556 pages, and heavily illustrated, the book offers a wealth of knowledge relating to the full range of pump types. Both pump operating principles, and pump maintenance-related information are treated with equal depth.
Durable and economical, soft-cover format.
6th Edition, published 2004, by Wiley Publishing.
Detailed index for quick access to reference information.
Contributors include a variety of well-known pump manufactures such as Goulds, Parker-Hannifin, Buffalo,Viking, Vickers, and many more.
Includes in-depth review of rotary and reciprocating positive displacement pumps, including troubleshooting.
Includes treatment of specialty pumps such as sump pumps, and deep well pumps.
Reviews installation and service of all pump types.
Includes many problem solving and troubleshooting techniques, using comparisons to ideal operating characteristics.
Hydraulics topics include fluid drives, hydraulic tools, accumulators and many other hydraulic equipment-specific topics.
Includes review questions at the end of each chapter.
Three appendices relating to pump resources, oils and fluids, and recent pump developments.
In-depth, table of contents and index.
ISBN: 0-7645-7116-8
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Topics Include:

Basic Fluid Principles  •   Principles of Hydraulics

Centrifugal Pumps  •   Rotary Pumps  •   Reciprocating Pumps  •   Special-Service Pumps

Hydraulic Accumulators  •   Power Transmission  •   Hydraulic Power Tools  •   Hydraulic Cylinders  •   Control Valves  •   Hydraulic Control Valve Operators

Hydraulic Fluids  •   Fluid Lines and Fittings  •   Pump Resources

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