532-022 - Operator’s Guide To Centrifugal Pumps

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This unique text book and reference, on centrifugal pumps design, operation or principles, and reliability-related issues is written from the perspective of process plant operations personnel who often become caretakers of this important industrial equipment. Used as a basic textbook for several DAC hands-on pump-related training products. This text will be useful in many applications within process plant maintenance, operations and plant engineering departments. Written by Robert X. Perez in a straight-forward, and non-academic style, the text is both readable and informative. With dozens of strategic and informative photo’s and illustrations, this book, with its supporting glossary and wealth of information, should be a part of all plant maintenance reference libraries.
Economical, softbound format
196, pages including appendices and glossaries.
Deep review of reliability-related issues.
Many illustrations and photographs
Includes a complete primer on centrifugal pup operating principles and design.
Written by an experienced, working engineer and teacher in a clear manner with limited dependence on design theory and mathematics.
In-dept treatment of mechanical seal flushing arrangements, lubrication, motors, and troubleshooting.
Expansive glossaries of pump terms and motor terms.
Review of key pump-related formuli
Used as a companion text for several DAC centrifugal pump training products.
Published in 2009
ISBN: 9781436339858
Packaged for shipment via courier or mail service
#532-024 - Operator’s Guide To Centrifugal Pumps, Student Workbook
The Operators Mission   •   Centrifugal Pump Primer (in 3-parts)   •   Mechanical Seal Protection   •   Pump Motor Considerations   •   Basic Lubrication   •   Pump Protection Strategies   •   Pump Start-up (in 2-parts)   •   Field Troubleshooting   •   Pump Reliability Basics   •   Glossaries and Appendices

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