200-2000 - Extended Mechanical Component Cutaway Series

Product Dimensions

Shipping Dimensions

This extended range of power transmission cutaways, supplements DAC training systems relating to core and advanced mechanical skills topics.

Each professionally-crafted example, has been carefully sectioned to expose each device’s primary components, where possible, functionality has been retained, and a handwheel provided to demonstrate low speed manual operation, where possible.

Where needed, non-contacting surfaces have been protected using powder coating or high-durability urethane coatings.
13-Gauge formed-steel, powder-coated, support and mounting assemblies.
Common models by well-known manufactures are chosen for industrial relevancy.
* Manufacture’s Operation and maintenance manuals where possible
* No dedicated courseware provided

The components herein described have been modified for training purposes and are no longer fit for production applications.
In accordance with DAC’s established policy of continuous improvement, these specifications and product descriptions are subject to change without notice. This information is the latest technical information as of the time of viewing or printing.