204-004 - Extended Bearing Fitting Tool Kit

Product Dimensions
(L x W x H)
20in x 16in x 5.25in (508 x 406 x 133 mm)
8.5 lbs. (3.8 kg)

Shipping Dimensions
(L x W x H)
20in. x 16in. x 5.25in. (520 x 425 x 139 mm)
9.5 lbs. (4.3 kg)

This supplemental, optional, toolkit supports DAC, #204, and #204E bearing maintenance training systems. The kit provides an expanded range of bearing installation tools, complementing and expanding upon the installation tools provided with related DAC products.
36 impact rings manufactured from high-impact, glass fiber-reinforced, modified polyamide. (Allows for mounting of over 400 bearing sizes)
Three impact sleeves incorporating high-impact modified polyamide working surfaces and glass fibre-reinforced, high-impact modified polyamide tubes.
Facilitates mounting of over 400 bearing varieties.
Aids in mounting of shafts, in housings and in blind applications.
Impact rings accurately matches both inner and outer bearings diameters.
Focused, small impact area on sleeve effectively distributes mounting force.
Impact rings and sleeves manufactured from high-impact material for longevity in use.
Positive, “click” connection between ring and sleeves for stability.
Impact rings can be used with Arbor Presses, as well.
All rings clearly identified.
Selection Chart
Steel shot-loaded, dead-blow hammer, with nylon faces and rubber handgrip included.
Light-weight compartmented, polyethylene carrying case.
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Please follow the manufacturers detailed instructions regarding safe use of this industrial tool.