238 - Heat Exchanger for Training

Product Dimensions
(L x W x H)
27in x 51in x 42in (685 x 1295 x 1066 mm)
625 lbs. (283 kg) approx

Shipping Dimensions
(L x W x H)
28.25in x 55.25in x 50.5in (718 x 1403 x 1283 mm)
740lbs. (336 kg) approx

A full-size, industrial, shell and tube, floating tube bundle-type, heat exchanger, designed and manufactured for training. Fabricated to ASME code and TEMA standards, the device includes a rolling cart with locking castors for convenience in use.
Industrial shell and tube heat exchanger, flanged, floating tubesheet type.
Manufactured according to ASME code
Carbon steel shell, 12" nominal diameter
36" Long tube bundle, 1-pass.
104 Copper tubes, 3/4" diameter
Brass tube sheet
Carbon steel cross-baffles
2" Flanged tube-side connection
2", Half-coupling, shell-side connections
3/4" Half-coupling vents and drains
Steel, elliptical, flanged heads incorporating (16) 7/8 stud and bolt sets.
Cleaned structural steel and tube support stand.
Heavy-duty, locking castors.
High-durability, painted exterior surfaces, allowing for repeated use and rough handling
Palletized for shipment via common carrier
#238-001 - Replacement 3/4" Tube Set (50 pcs)
#238-007 - “Boiler Nails” (package of 12).
#238-012 - 3/4in. Square Drive Adapter (for 3/4" tubes)
#238-022 - Straight Expander (non flaring)(for 3/4" tube).
#238-023 - Flaring Expander (combination expanding/flaring)(for 3/4" tube).
#240-008 - Dye penetrant kit (tests for ligament cracks).
#240-010 - "Rolling machine" (heavy-duty drill with morse taper).
#240-016 - Pneumatic hammer.
#240-017 - Pneumatic hammer accessories, including "Side Cutter, "Pushing Tool", and "Beading Tool"
#240-018 - Heavy-duty disk/angle grinder.
#240-019 - Replacement disks for angle grinder (package of 6).
#240-020 - Heavy-duty end grinder with wheel.
#240-021 - Replacement end grinder wheels (package of 6).
• (2) Spare gasket sets, 2-piece.
• Maintenance manual.
• Metal Trade Manual
- No Dedicated Courseware Provided

This device has been designed for professional for use under controlled circumstances for training only. DAC assumes no liability for injury resulting from the use or misuse of this product.
This device is being offered for traiing purposes only, and cannot be used as replacement hardware in actual applications.
Warning, many tools used in heat exchanger maintenance are inherently dangerous. Please follow tool manufacture’s safety suggestions.