272-980 - Dissectible Pressure Control Switch Sample

Product Dimensions
(L x W x H)
8-1/2in x 10in x 11-1/2in (216 x 254 x 292 mm)
6 lbs (2 kg)

Shipping Dimensions
(L x W x H)
12in. x 12in. x 12in. (305 x 305 x 305 mm)
8-1/2 lbs (9 kg)

A realistic dissectible sample of a common industrial control-type pressure switch, as used in automation and process systems. Due to the internal design characteristics of this industrial component, the full internal configuration and working mechanism is showcased using a clear acrylic replacement cover.

A specialized base and stanchion mounting assembly positions the sample for convenient static viewing or closer inspection by hand after removal from the base assembly.

A modular base assembly allows for convenient mounting on optional, display, storage, viewing products.

The complete working mechanism, including bellows, contact blocks, pressure and differential pressure adjustment mechanisms, trip mechanisms, and connection points can be clearly seen.
Carefully-chosen hardware samples from industry leaders such as Allen-Bradley, Honeywell, Danfoss, Omega and others, are provided.
13-Gauge formed-steel baseplate with provision for mounting on related, display and storage products.
Cleaning, priming and painting using a high-durability urethane coating, when necessary.
Laser-cut, laminated, clear acrylic access cover, for visibility.
Replacement, plated hardware, where necessary.
Allows for complete dissection for in-depth, hands-on, study.
Steel pipe mounting stanchion, allowing for convenient removal of sample, for closer inspection.
Packaging for shipment via parcel service.
• Original equipment maintenance and instruction manuals are provided where possible.
- No dedicated courseware provided. (See above)

The equipment sample provided will be modified for training purposes, making it unfit for use in production applications.