295-409E - Pump Jack Demonstrator, Extended

A full-size, realistic, working sucker rod pump, allowing for demonstration, set up, and study of a common oilfield production pump as used in oilfield operations. A complete, working surface pumping unit is provided, allowing for realistic study of its operating characteristics, efficiency, and the variables affecting its effectiveness.

The complete device includes a representative sub-surface, downhole pump assembly. An acrylic representative well bore, allows for a view of the working reciprocating downhole pump assembly. Further a representative, packed reservoir allow seepage into the well bore, to facilitate simulated production.

A custom structural steel mounting platform allows for appropriate positioning of both the primary pump Jack and the simulated well bore/wellhead for maximum access, without compromising standard pump geometry. Provision is made for pump head and wellhead alignment and misalignment.

This, fully-detailed device includes; a representative stuffing box with internal seal components. The stuffing box assembly and well bore can be modified with respect to 1 vertical position, allowing for the effects on polished rod friction to be witnessed, and documented.

The heavy-duty, structural steel support stand, and mounting platform, allows for visibility of all components both above, and below theoretical grade, while creating an pump access surface and supporting a calibrated holding tank.
Realistic, full-size, API, size #4, Pump Jack, with double reduction gearbox, drive motor, and counterweight set (14" - 20" stroke).
Clear acrylic simulated well bore and reservoir, with provision for sand packing.
Complete stuffing box and partial wellhead.
Working, rod-type, downhole pump.
Powder-coating, and/or painting using a urethane coating, throughout.
Specialized Structural steel and steel plate support platform, for pump mounting and allowing full visibility of above-ground, and sub-surface components (shipped knock-down).
Realistic electrical controls with provision for lock-out/tag-out, as well as on-board ammeter.
AC variable speed drive allowing for stroke adjustment.
Polyethylene product tank, with gauge allowing for volumetric measurement of production under different operating circumstances.
Crating for shipment motor freight.
#295-4091 - Pump Automated Control System
#295-4092 - Horseshoe Dynamometer/Load Cell
#915 - Mobile Stairway, 6'
220 VAC, 60A, single-phase, ground.
No dedicated courseware provided

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