295-795 - Wellhead Assembly Cutaway

Product Dimensions
(L x W x H)
369in x 36in x 6ft 3in (914 x 914 x 1900 mm)
590 lbs. (269 kg) approximate

Shipping Dimensions
(L x W x H)
43in x 43in x 80in (1100x 1100 x 2050 mm)
650 lbs. (295 kg) approximate

A full-size, fully-detailed, sectioned example of a common wellhead assembly as found in oilfield applications, worldwide. This large-scale teaching aid depicts, and unveils the complete assembly of components used in creating a wellhead where a sucker rock pump is being used in oil production.

This assembly includes: a representative stuffing box with internal seal components, Flow tee, blowout preventer, primary wellhead flange, connecting tubing, tubing head, tubing hanger, secondary seal housing, secondary seal, casing head, casing slip hanger, as well as truncated examples of surface casing, production casing, and tubing.

In addition to providing visual information on all wellhead components, the entire assembly can be disassembled and reassembled simulating maintenance and site construction activities. Many primary fastener locations have been retained allowing for this.

A welded-steel, heavy-duty, support stand, allows for visibility of all components both above, and below theoretical grade, while stabilizing the complete assembly.
Full-size steel construction throughout.
Common wellhead components by well-known manufacturers chosen for industrial relevance.
Sectioning a all primary wellhead components (80°, approximately, removed).
Powder-coating, and/or painting using a urethane coating, throughout.
Tubular steel and steel plate support stand, allowing for full visibility of above-ground, and sub-surface components.
Replacement plated hardware throughout.
Crating for shipment via specialized carrier, or motor freight.
•  No dedicated courseware provided.

The components herein described have been modified for training purposes and are no longer fit for production applications.
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