225 - Flange Bolt Torquing Demonstrator

Product Dimensions
(L x W x H)
14in. x 14in. x 41in. (350 x 350 x 1040 mm)
290lbs. (132kg), excluding cart.

Shipping Dimensions
(L x W x H)
23in. x 31in. x 48in. (590 x 790 x 1220 mm)
468lbs. (212kg)

A heavy-duty training demonstrator allowing for in-depth training in bolted joint torquing, gasket selection/use and torque wrench use.

Through the use of internally gauged studs and associated instrumentation, the device allows the student to see “scatter” resulting from improper torquing procedures, improper fastener care, lubrication variables, and gasket variation.

An assortment of gasket types, gasket adapter plates, and lubricants allow for a variety of exercises. Heavy-duty construction and provision for re-calibration allow for repeated, heavy use.
Floor-mounted, all-steel fixture, including 8" schedule 40 pipe pedestal, baseplate, 150 lb., raised-face flange and raised-face blind flange.
Aluminum machined inserts with provision for flat-face flange, Flexitallic gasket, and o-ring applications.
Additional 150 lb., flat-face blind flange.
Eight, internally-gauged, “full bridge”, 3/4" - 10 studs with nuts.
Eight-channel, signal conditioner/amplifier/digital readout assembly, with provision for re-calibration.
Rolling cart.
High-durability, powder coated surfaces throughout.
Packaging for shipment via motor freight.
#093-001 - CD-ROM, titled, "Gasket and Bolted Flange Connections" (New Standard Institute).
#225-001 - Eight synthetic gaskets (full face) (additional).
#225-002 - Eight o-rings (additional).
#225-003 - Gasket Fabrication Activity Kit
#225-100 - Hydraulic Torque Wrench
#225-101 - Hydraulic Power Unit (for Wrench)
#225-500 - Use/Exercise Guide (additional)
#226-001 - Dial-type torque wrench (instructor wrench).
#226-002 - Click-type torque wrench (student wrench).
#226-004 - Sixteen synthetic gaskets (raised face) (additional).
#226-005 - Eight Flexitallic gaskets (additional).
#226-006 - Can “spray lube” (additional)
•  Sixteen synthetic gaskets of different materials for raised-face application.
•  Eight synthetic gaskets of different materials for full-face application.
•  Eight, Flexitallic gaskets.
•  Four o-rings.
•  Four tally pads for noting results during use.
•  Drive socket, 1-1/4in. x 1/2in. drive.
•  Industrial Fasteners Training Manual, with sections on bolted joints, gaskets, and tightening/torque (IPT).
•  None
Understanding bolted joints and torque.   •  Understanding flanges and gaskets.   •  Creating a flanged pipe joint.   •  Using torque wrenches. Understanding torque scatter in bolted joints.   •  Fabricating flange gaskets.   •  Preparing for creating a correct flanged pipe joint.   •  Creating a flanged pipe joint using a full-face gasket.   •  Understanding alternate gasket types   •  Creating a flanged pipe joint using an o-ring.   •  Creating a flanged pipe joint using spiral wound gaskets.

This device has been designed for professionals for use under controlled circumstances for training only. DAC assumes no liability for injury resulting from the use or misuse of this product.
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