441 - Industrial Control Wiring Trainer, Bench-top

Product Dimensions
(L x W x H)
20in x 35in x 36in (508 x 889 x 914mm)
105 lbs. (48 kg)

Shipping Dimensions
135 lbs. (61 kg)

This two-panel training system allows for in-depth training in the wiring of basic motor control systems as found in industry. The system, rather than using banana jack patch cords, encourages good craft skills, by requiring the use of point-to-point physical wiring techniques.

The student learns and experiences good practice in wire management skills, field wiring using schematics, and the creation of basic control circuits using realistic industrial components, all hands-on.

The system mounts on a standard steel mounting structure, allowing it to be incorporated into DAC workstations and workbench products, or alternately, used independently on a shop bench.
Welded 1/8" tubular aluminum base assembly.
Formed-steel support structure with provisions for mounting wiring panels.
Centrally-located master power panel and wiring trough incorporating primary circuit breaker, instructor key switch and emergency stop switch.
Two 16" x 24" x 1/4" thick aluminum wiring panels (powder-coated).
Primary control wiring panel with DIN-rail mounted control components, and wire management wire duct.
Primary components include breakers, reversing connectors with additional coil, control transformer, timer, relays and switching power supply.
Motor and pilot device wiring panel with DIN-rail mounted components including: terminal strips, AC drive, motor, and start/stop piloting components.
Packaging for shipment via motor freight.
#040-747 - Video series, 2-part, titled, "AC Motor Control & Troubleshooting" (Industrial Text & Video).
#040-749 - Videos, two-part series titled "DC Motor Control & Troubleshooting" (Industrial Text & Video)
#410-001 - Portable digital multimeter.
#410-001E - Portable Multimeter, Economy
#441-002 - Student electrical tool kit, basic.
#441-003 - Student Electrical Tool Kit, Extended
#441-500 - Use/Exercise Guide (additional)
#566-002 - Electrical Motor Controls (Additional)
#902-001 - Locking caster set (includes four, dual-wheel, locking casters) (recommended when used as a display rack only).
#902-002E - Supplemental T-Slot Rail Set, Economy (Two, 1-1/2in. x 1-1/2in. x 48in. T-Slot Mounting Rails)
· Bulk wire. · Use/Exercise Guide. · Instructor and student wiring diagrams. · Related textbook. · Wire marking kit.
230/240 VAC, 3-phase

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