MCA-293 - Basic SynEnergy® Industrial Skills Computer-based Training Cluster, Arabic

A cluster of core industrial skills courses in Arabic, including over 500 hours of content, and designed to be deployed in a variety of ways, including; via on-line e-learning package, as a single-user CD-ROM set, or via dedicated server methods. Designed as a bridge between academic learning and hands-on experience, the material is designed to create a working knowledge for entry-level and incumbent workers.

The cluster includes topics relating to industrial safety, mechanical maintenance, instrumentation skills, basic process equipment maintenance, basic electricity principles, introductory craft skills, as well as introductory lessons relating to power plant systems and operation.

This SCORM-compliant cluster of industrial titles can easily be installed on compatible servers using a network- enabled storage device, for cost saving and ease of deployment, or using your own learning management system (LMS). Optional dedicated servers and other turn-key deployment solutions are also available.
377 In-depth Lessons.
Each course approximately 1-1/4 hour in length.
Recently-produced content, reflecting current industry standards and equipment.
Extensive use of flash animation to illustrate process flow paths, as well as complex concepts and equipment.
Many embedded streaming videos.
Highly Interactive - review quizzes and on-demand glossary included.
Server-Ready, network-enabled, storage device.
•  Industrial Safety (33 lessons)
•  Mechanical Maintenance Core Skills (37 lessons)
•  Process Equipment Maintenance (55 lessons)
•  Electrical Core/Foundation Skills (41 lessons)
•  Instrumentation Core Skills (49 lessons)
•  Introductory Basic Craft Skills (28 lessons)
•  Introduction to Power Plant Systems (139 lessons)

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