751 - Pneumatics Trainer, Fundamentals

Product Dimensions
(L x W x H)
21in. x 18in. x 8in. (530 x 450 x 200 mm)
30lbs. (14kg)

Shipping Dimensions
(L x W x H)
21in. x 18in. x 8in. (540 x 460 x 200 mm)
35lbs. (16kg)

A self-contained, comprehensive, hands-on training system introducing basic pneumatic components, applications, and principles. The device and its associated curriculum provides 27 learning activities relating to pneumatic technology.

The system is mounted in a impact-resistant carrying case, and includes a compressor, 22 industrial-grade components and connecting tubing, with quick-disconnect fittings.

This comprehensive system allows for 25-30 hours of self-paced or instructor-led training relating to pneumatic systems.
Polyethylene storage case with lock.
Twenty-two, industrial-grade pneumatic components, including valves, cylinders and measuring instruments.
Air compressor capable of producing 60 psi, with safety relief valve.
Provision for connection to an outside air supply.
Welded steel air storage tank.
Regulated, 2-port distribution manifold with shut-off valves.
Steel-reinforced experiment station, including an aluminum t-slotted mounting surface and component mounting brackets.
Component storage panel, with provision for mounting loose components. Includes silk-screened nomenclature and component silhouettes.
Provision for removing panels for tabletop use.
Brass, quick-disconnect tubing fittings throughout.
Many components clear, allowing for observation of internal design.
Can be combined with other training aids relating to pneumatic robots.
Packaging for shipment via parcel service or motor freight.
#751-500 - Student manual (additional).
#751-501 - Instructor manual (additional).
#751-502 - Student manual (optional modular curriculum).
* Air hose (20 ft). * Visual aids (symbol charts). * Student manual. * Instructor guide.
110/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz.
Curriculum includes 27 units of activities relating to pneumatic components, applications, and physical properties. An alternate (modular) curriculum can be provided to better match “Introduction to Technology” programs.
* Trainer familiarization * Introduction to pneumatics * Flow meters * Manual valves * Solenoid valves * Air piloted valves * Flow control valves * Single and double acting cylinders * Lubrication systems * Fluid contamination in air filters * Vacuum generators * Paired cylinders in a circuit * Feedback in pneumatic systems * Parts feeder applications * Machining applications * Introduction to air logic * Symbols and schematics * Force in pneumatic systems * Flow rate in pneumatic systems * Work done in pneumatic systems * Power in pneumatics * Fluid resistance in air filters * Fluid resistance in pipes * Force transformers in pneumatics * Vacuums and venturies *Glossary * Appendix

This product has been designed by, and is manufactured by a partner company and is offered by DAC to the industrial training marketplace only. Please contact us regarding requirements for educational use.