702 - Hydraulics Trainer, Advanced

Product Dimensions
(L x W x H)
34" x 29" x 30" (860 x 730 x 760 mm)
250 lbs. (114kg),
With Optional Base Cabinet (shown): (L x W x H)
36" x 30" x 64" (910 x 760 x 1620 mm)

Shipping Dimensions
(L x W x H)
48in. x 40in. x 42in. (1220 x 1020 x 1070 mm)
325lbs. (148kg)

A comprehensive, industrial-grade, training system allowing for in-depth instruction in the fundamentals, troubleshooting and repair of common industrial hydraulic systems. The device, through a broad selection of rugged industrial components and a proven student manual, facilitates training related to the principles, applications, physical properties and basic maintenance of hydraulic systems.

All commonly used components are permanently mounted and identified on the front panel surface. Removable and optional specialty components can be mounted on a horizontal t-slotted surface or on a front panel-mounted, t-slotted surface, expanding the capabilities of the unit.

All components are full-size and of industrial quality. Connections are made using hoses with check valves and quick-disconnect fittings. The device can be provided with a hydraulic supply system and a mobile base cabinet.

In general, this proven training tool can support training in a wide variety of hydraulic applications. All components have the look and feel of actual industrial equipment.
Formed sheet steel cabinet with locking compartment.
16-Gauge, brushed stainless steel, front panel face.
Aluminum t-slotted horizontal mounting surface.
Aluminum t-slotted panel face mounting pad.
Component drawer.
Locking storage compartment.
Instrument panel components including:
      •    System pressure gauge
      •    2) in-line pressure gauges (glycerin bath dampened)
      •    4-port pressure manifold
      •    4-port return manifold
      •    24 VDC power supply, and momentary switch with output jacks.
Component panel including:
      •    4-way 2-position solenoid directional control valve
      •    relief valve
      •    sequence valve
      •   pressure reducing valve
      •   compensated flow control valve
      •   un-compensated flow control valve
      •   needle valve
      •   check valve
      •   (2) double-acting cylinders
Directional control valves are removable and dissectible.
Interchangeable, directional control valve actuators and spools.
Ball-check, quick-disconnect fittings throughout.
Courseware addressing 42 subject matter areas.
Allows for integration with other related products.
Packaging for shipment via motor freight.
#702-001 - Mobile base cabinet with castors and locking doors (optional).
#702-002 - Hydraulic pump system with one gallon reservoir.
#702-003 - Hydraulic pump system with five gallon reservoir.
#702-004 - Cabinet connecting shelf.
#702-500 - Student manual (additional).
#702-501 - Instructor manual (additional).
#702-PAC - Hydraulics Package, (#702, #702-001, #702-002)
•  Eight, 29in. hydraulic hoses.
•  Four, 48in. hydraulic hoses.
•  Two, 72in. hydraulic hoses.
•  Student manual.
•  Instructor guide.
•  110/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz.
Curriculum includes background study, observational and hands-on experiments, application exercises and review of related mathematical concepts.

Topics discussed:
System familiarization •  Principles of hydraulic systems •  Hydraulic fluids •  Graphic communication symbols •  Instrumentation: theory and purpose •  Pressure gauges •  Flow meters •  Pumps •  Pressure controls: theory and purpose •  Relief valves •  Reducing valves •  Sequence valves •  Directional control valves: theory and purpose •  Manual directional control valves: closed and tandem centers •  Solenoid directional control valves •  Check valves: theory and purpose •  Check valves •  Pilot operated check valves •  Flow control valves: theory and purpose •  Needle control valves •  Pressure compensated control valves •  Non-pressure compensated control valves •  Linear actuators: theory and purpose •  Double acting cylinders •  Speed/area relationship of a cylinder •  Force/area relationship of a cylinder •  Rotary actuators •  Fluid filters •  Piping considerations and components •  Maintenance and troubleshooting •  Cylinders in a series •  Hydraulic lock out •  Dual speed control •  Pump unloading •  Cylinders in parallel •  Hydraulic jack •  Regenerative circuit •  Dual pressure control •  Sequenced cylinders •  Meter-in-speed control •  Meter-out speed control •  Bleed-off circuit speed control

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